HonestGamers Retro Review // Chrono Cross

Staff review by Rob Hamilton: However, like I said, those incremental post-boss bonuses do add up over time. It benefits a player to pick a couple sidekicks they really like to keep with them as much as possible. Sorry, Kid, you might be a major player in the plot, but with all the story elements conspiring to keep you out of active duty for extended periods of time, I only used you if the game forced me to.

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dedicatedtogamers2508d ago

Aw man. I love this game. Yeah, the cast of characters is a little too big for its own good, but darnit if the music isn't some of the best I've heard in an RPG.

Temp2508d ago

I hated the game, as in, really, really hated it. But the soundtrack was fantastic. Aside from that god-awful battle theme where it sounded like a gang of cats was being slowly raped.