Joystick Radio Reviews - Mx vs ATV Untamed

Joystick Radio Reviews Mx vs ATV Untamed

Some info from the review:"It's finally arrived! Mx vs ATV untamed is the largest platform release in franchise history. Whether you have the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Nintendo DS or mobile device that uses a major wireless carrier and this game is made for all. One exception is the Nintendo Wii version will be available in February 2008. MX vs ATV untamed is a game for everyone. The game varies little depending on the console you use for play but each will list it variations and selections will be explained."

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GunShotEddy4040d ago

Anyone who played this game knows the graphics go from great to sub par non-stop throughout the game. A game that lacks polish shouldn't get a 10 in any area, but it's all opinion.

Mikey_Gee4040d ago

But to me, this one is NOT giving me that much more to buy it. I think it only sells for $50, but still. Drop it more and I will buy it "just because". But not a MUST HAVE after playing the Demo.

I bought "The Darkness" for $20 NEW (boxing day)... now that is a killer price for a killer game. So MX vs ATV would need to offer me WAY MORE to have me pass up Darkness to buy MX for twice as much.

InMyOpinion4040d ago

I think I just stepped in smelly dog sh!t. Nope, it was just's credibility.