A Fan Has the English Version of Naruto Generations Early

Saiyan Island shows off the North American version of the game and it's menus.

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tayz2413d ago

i don't have the game yet:/

this is gonna be the longest weekend ever!!

Mystickay862413d ago

I can buy the u.s version right now, at my local gamestore, they are breaking street date.

However, i'm going to buy this at target, I just got a $20 gift card, so i'll be spending 39.99 for this game, which I think is sweet! :)

CaptainSheep2413d ago

What a damn lucky guy... Here I am dying to play the game and he gets an early copy. -.-

supersonicjerry2412d ago

I could have got it on friday but I had already pre-ordered it at gamestop and it comes with 3 free cards so its worth it.

tayz2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

WHA where could u have got it from!?! i would have grabbed that thing ASAP!! forget the cards!!

supersonicjerry2411d ago

Its called GAMEPLAY its in longbeach but I had no ride this time so ether way I would have too wait.