Wired's Hands-On With Dissidia Final Fantasy

Square Enix has definitely taken big steps forward from their disappointing PSone fighting game Ergheiz in their next stab at a Final Fantasy-flavored fighting game, Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Directed by Yosuke Shiokawa of the Kingdom Hearts series, Dissidia is one of PSP's most visually impressive games yet. The game features a cast of stylized Square characters compiled by Tetsuya Nomura, semi-destructible environments, decently sized and varied battle arenas, and a surprisingly good camera. Add in fast-paced free roaming 3D combat, the ability to scale walls and other areas of the map, all in a very smooth frame-rate, and you have what looks to be a fairly promising title.

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INehalemEXI4040d ago

EX burst , something like a summon ...sweet. I hope this comes to the states with crisis core or soon after.