Gran Turismo 6 to include Mount Panorama?

A recent forum post may have revealed a new location for the upcoming Gran Turismo 6.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2509d ago

I can't wait for GT6 to come out. PD will yet again set the bar for simulation racing with GT6.

BiggCMan2509d ago

This is assuming GT6 is even in Polyphony's thoughts right now, GT5 is just over 1 year old so this may just be them mapping out the track for some DLC or something. Even if 6 was starting to be developed in some small way, any information on it won't be true or confirmed at all for a few years yet.

I don't want a 6 right now, I want them to take their time that way it's as perfect as possible. 5 is still an amazing game of course, but it's not as perfect as it could have been, there is still many flaws in it. Splitting the graphics of the cars and the tracks certainly was a mistake, and I hope they don't do this in the next one. And there is still so much content in 5, I haven't scratched the surface much myself besides beating 80% of the career or so.

kamruk2509d ago

If you believe the video (or what is written) the guy explicitly asks what project they are working on, even if it was an "expansion". the guys from pd say specifically that it is gran turismo 6 they're working on.

Outside_ofthe_Box2509d ago

Yeah I want them to take their time also. I want the game to be perfect too which is why I can't wait for it. I know GT5 isn't perfect, I never expected it to be as this was their first full game this gen, but GT5 was still damn good. That's why I can't wait to see what PD does with GT6 as I'm sure they've learned from their mistakes. I'm really eager to see what PD has in store.

Dee_912509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

way to take news from gtplanet and twitst it and post it on your site.
They dont know if its for gt5 or gt6.

@kamruk no he didnt "specifically" say its for gt6 the guy asking basically baited him into saying gt6 he probably couldve got him to say for gt7 because the photographer was hesitant and his native language inst english.

Me-Time2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

They've been developing GT5 since right before GT5 released.

I agree about not needing a GT6 any time soon. I've had GT5 since launch and a DFGT a couple months after. I don't see myself completely stopping.

The Question guy first mentioned UPDATES then he mentioned GT6. That's when the PD guy said, YUP!

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SuperBeast8112509d ago

I want GT Vita first please PD...........

Noticeably_FAT2509d ago

I'm sure people will worry about what's in GT6 in 5,6 or 7 years, when its closer to coming out.

Outside_ofthe_Box2509d ago

And I'm sure you'll never worry about what's in GT6.

plmkoh2509d ago

GT6 should release fairly quickly compared to GT5, most of the GT5 delays were derived from the difficulty they had with the PS3 hardware and transitioning from SD to HD level car models.

BiggCMan2509d ago

Well that's if it comes out on PS3. They may hold development until PS4 comes out, we will see.

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