Medal of Honor Warfighter will let you represent the SASR

Keeping with today's theme of 'FPS by EA' new details about the next installment in the Medal of Honor franchise were revealed today, including the announcement that Medal of Honor Warfighter will run on Battlefield 3's Frostbite 2 engine. This makes it the second game outside of the Battlefield franchise to utilize DICE's software, following the unfortunate Need For Speed: The Run

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iamnsuperman2509d ago

"Each of our allies has their own Wolf Pack of elite operators - kids in Poland don't dream of becoming US Navy Seals."

it's a fair point and it's refreshing to see a game accommodate this

Hufandpuf2509d ago

Hopefully the multiplayer is competitive enough to become an e sport.

AusRogo2508d ago

Really hope they have Australian voice actors.. Dead island was horrible, we dont even sound like that