"Protestors" call games industry a "temple of sin," demand repentance

Between all the scheduled panels, meetings, and game demonstrations, covering a gathering like the Game Developers Conference can sometimes feel a bit too predictable. Thank God, then, for scenes like the one above, in which two "protesters" threw a bit of unpredictability into the proceedings by noisily decrying a focus on marketing and monetization that they say is holding the game industry back.

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Smashbro292439d ago

It wouldn't exist if not for monwtization. In fact the only reason it moved forward was so that each company could one up each other and that's the only reason it will continue to move forward.

SilentNegotiator2439d ago

First of all.....

Got that, non-readers of the article?
It was a tasteless way of getting extra attention to their cause.

Now, to Smashbro29:
The point of the protest is that we're being taken advantage of.

"At least when there was an initial transaction, the relationship afterwards was to provide fun," he said. "Now, the notion of games as a service leads to an ongoing sales pitch. Anyone who's ever dealt with a door-to-door salesman has realized that relating with that person in a deep or human manner is relatively hard to come by, and there is a certain feeling of the relations with the other person being reduced to a mechanistic sense."

Cut content, day one dlc, online passes (a restriction on both convenience of new buyers, and their rights to resell), map packs that screw up servers for non-buyers, content that screws up balance in favor of people who buy the "special edition", etc, etc, etc....
We ARE being abused. If the protest were in better taste, I would gladly join a rally like that.

kagon012439d ago

monetization = control over your purchase

I'm for trade and value, but I'm heavily against monetization...


Cults = hate everything and marry your mother.

Nothing new here then

P.S i never read the article.

Grap2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

GOD hates game designers looool that the most funniest sentence i heard... that show how stupid is Radical Christians..
look to the picture.. i was talking about the sentence wasn't talk about the article

Kyosuke_Sanada2439d ago

If you actually READ the article you would have known that its actually isn't about religion at all. It's about them protesting on how companies treating their customers as numbers instead of human beings. It's a great concept but rather strange execution.

smashcrashbash2439d ago

How is that any different then what customers do? Many people talk about companies as if they are just mindless machines with no human beings working within them.People never consider all the work that has to be done by people to try and make them happy or when they say 'That or that company deserves to go down' without a single thought about how many people will go jobless.

Many times people are just following orders from their CEO and upper management or the fact that the company has so many levels in the hierarchy it is hard to get things done as quickly as people want or that the company has to think about internal as well as external factors.

People treat big companies like restaurants or clothing stores that when you want something done that they can just do it immediately. 'I want you to drop the price of this thing or give me a patch for this' and people think that the company can just drop everything they are doing and fix everything the way you like it like if they are your mother.I am not saying some companies don't treat you the way they should but the ignorance, being unreasonable and greed come from the customers as well.Always wanting more and never being satisfied is a sin too but as per usual people can only see one side of something only.

NYC_Gamer2439d ago

Wow,all the religious freaks going wild.

SilentNegotiator2439d ago

Wow, people not reading the article going wild.

DwightOwen2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )


Bubble down for stupidity.

Shotcalm2439d ago

omg i hate religious freaks.

SilentNegotiator2439d ago

omg i hate people that don't read the article.

DwightOwen2439d ago


I hate people who hijack religions to further their cause almost as much as I hate people who comment on articles without reading them.

kagon012439d ago

That picture is very deceptive...

Hicken2439d ago

We humans are very visual creatures, and the article's title doesn't help dissuade anyone from thinking it is, in fact, a religious protest.

There are times when it helps to read the article, and this is one of them. But this is also a time in which it is completely understandable for someone to misunderstand the article's purpose.

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