Why Do You Hate Mass Effect 3?

Gamespot: Kevin examines how Mass Effect 3 has become the latest game to shoulder the burden of fan discontent.

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Chuk52412d ago

Gamers are cry babies with wallets most of the time.

dedicatedtogamers2412d ago

So I'm not allowed to have preferences, likes, and dislikes when it comes to games?

ME2 was a letdown in many ways for me. ME3 is more of a step in the wrong direction. Why am I not allowed to be dissatisfied?

Props to all the people who love ME3. Enjoy your game. I'm fine with that, but can these Bioware fanboys accept the fact that not everyone likes Bioware's new direction?

Outside_ofthe_Box2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

***"but can these Bioware fanboys accept the fact that not everyone likes Bioware's new direction?"***

Nope, they can't.

Hence the reason why they call everyone that is of the opposite opinion haters, crybabies, whiners, etc.

Chuk52411d ago


I suppose that was a woefully uninformative comment. I should clarify. I feel a lot of gamers attack things about a game besides the game. Your opnion on the ACTUAL game, so as long as their is reason, is totally valid. But people are calling ME3 trash because there is some dlc, that isn't even great or because there is a gay sex scene. The littlest thing can set some gamers off from buying a game to hating anything a company makes.

BrutallyBlunt2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

@ dedicatedtogamers

Talk about contradicting yourself once again. You suggest you should have the right to have your own opinion (which i agree with) then you counter by calling people Bioware fanboys who do enjoy their games.

Why don't you do everyone a favor and just stop commenting. You're making yourself look like a troll and worst off your username is not at all accurate.

The real issue started with the idiots who troll the forums and sites like metacritic who oppose the game just because of the DLC or certain scenes within the game about sexuality. People who rate the game a 0 or close to it based off of that are morons, plain and simple.

morganfell2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

No, the real issue is the game itself and the fact that many people are now willing to admit what it is and what it is not. Some of us played all three but never kidded ourselves about the truth.

Do you know the main strength of Mass Effect? Uniqueness. Not to be confused with greatness. It is the only game of it's kind. Where there other science fiction shooters with a ship, solar systems, and ground missions you would see the game treated less kindly.

I picked up the CE and have to say I am even more disappointed than I was with ME2. Starting with character import my Shepard looked horrendous. I thought Bioware had signed a deal with DC Comics and now my character was Bizarro Shepard. Maybe they should concentrate less on Kingdoms of Amalur crossovers to generate sales and more on the damn game functionality.

There are more issues of character skipping, dropped animations, buggy scenes with failed DOF usage and characters clipped into and stuck to the scenery. It's absurd this is a 10. ME3 is the poster child for a free ride. Bear in mind for me no game has ever cracked the 9 mark.

But this is the result when websites and publications have no standards and an editor with no policy who is unwilling to insure that reviews are standardized. It allows an adolescent with a writing outlet to award any score without regard to principle or enforced benchmark.

For all of the talk about people at Metacritic attacking ME3 they do little to counter the absurd, out of control scores by review sites without a shred of legitimate evaluation standards.

Then I am dismayed that a great deal of the graphics look worse than ME2. It's as if developing on all three platforms left no time for optimization.

RPG elements were gutted even further than in ME2. I think when CD Project licensed the Aurora Engine for the first Witcher they also took Bioware's role playing sense as well.

Although some of the weapons handling is a great step up, Bioware insists on the "Play it our way or die" game design.

Never mind all of the small incongruities like the fact the Normandy comes out of a Hyperspace jump in system and a myriad of other issues, I am too busy dealing with recycled animations and the fact that Bioware has no concept of Motion Capture. Men and women simply have different skeletal structures and seeing the same animations for both is just annoying. Not to mention lazy game development.

This is the sort of thing for which MW3 was rightfully slammed yet some of the same people insist on giving Bioware a free ride.

When you set out to make an over the top blockbuster money machine you get a game that feels forced. It is as if their only goal was to be the Michael Bay of game design. And what they have done actually insults Michael Bay. Wooden performances with V/O actors based on marketing is an absurd manner in which to do business. Jennifer Hale is the sole redeeming talent.

dedicatedtogamers2411d ago


I'm a Bioware fanboy. Have been since the days of Black Isle and Interplay. How about you?

I'm not allowed to comment on Bioware's modern direction? Get right out of here.

-Alpha2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Preach it, dedicated.

I hear a lot of gripes with the ending and that the game feels like it lost its direction, dedicated Mass Effect fans have every right to give flak for what they find fault in. I also know of many people that loved the game, but I can't stand the idea that gamers cannot complain or criticize something they bought. If a lot of gamers seem to find fault in the same thing then it's not like they are complaining about nothing

SilentNegotiator2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Because anyone that isn't an unrelenting fanboy willing to take....

*Day one DLC that has been proven over and over again to have had plenty of time to be put on Disc (and new evidence suggest that part of it might even be so)
*Lies from EA and their subsidiary
*Bad Endings
*Resources being put into multiplayer
*Even less RPG-elements than 2
*etc a "self-entitled crybaby" or a "HateRRRRRRR!"

fossilfern2411d ago

Im with you dedicatedtogamers! I just finished ME3 and I have to say the ending was a right slap in the face to all the players who have been playing since ME1, like myself.

I still enjoyed the game but I just felt as if it could of been something bigger and grander than it was.

PooEgg2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

So if someone is a fan of BioWare games, they buy ME3, they play it, they love it, they feel the negativity is undeserved and speak up and defend the game they enjoyed - that makes them wrong?

Yet it is okay to not actually play the game, but leave 0 score reviews about a game that you have not even touched, because you are bitter about DLC, homosexuality, or whatever?

It is one thing to say that you don't agree with BioWare's business practice, and you won't be buying the game. It is another to bring your anger, homophobia, or what have you online and act like spoiled bitter children or complete madmen. Believe me when you take this approach it does not make Mass Effect 3 look bad, it makes YOU look bad.

Wouldn't it just be smarter, and more mature, to say to yourself, this game isn't for me, I am going to pass and use my money to buy something that I will enjoy. If you want BioWare to know the reason for your decision, perhaps the best way to get them to listen would be to write an intelligent, rational, and respectful letter to them pointing out the reason for your disappointment. If you have good, rational reasons, perhaps they might even take you serious.

Outside_ofthe_Box2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

@LevelHead and PooEgg

***"then you counter by calling people Bioware fanboys who do enjoy their games."***

***"So if someone is a fan of BioWare games, they buy ME3, they play it, they love it, they feel the negativity is undeserved and speak up and defend the game they enjoyed - that makes them wrong?"***

No he isn't. He's calling anyone that likes ME3 and calls other people carybabies, haters, whiners, butthurt, etc. for expressing their dislike for ME3, Bioware fanboys.

PooEgg2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )


Well, I guess that makes me a BioWare fanboy, but you know what? I am okay with that. I don't think that everything that BioWare does is right, and their Day1 DLC is a bit unacceptable in my book, but I would rather stand on the side that supports the game company that has brought me so much joy as opposed to the side that acts slightly crazy everytime a game developer does not bow down and bend to their every wish.

snipes1012411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Someone wanna explain to me how there are LESS RPG elements than in 2? They fixed the dumbed down skill trees, added more weapons and loot...I really dont see how this has less RPG elements than in 2.

Also, take note that some people aren't total nazi's about bugs or graphical differences. The bugs have not been game breaking in any way for me. They have proven to be nothing more than slight distractions in an otherwise great game. If those small glitches and such seriously take that much away from the game for you, I honestly feel bad.

Yes, people are looking the wrong directions on occasion in conversations, sometimes people get a little hung up on the environment and maybe some of the animations are recycled. For me, that elicits nothing more than a shrug of the shoulder because Im too busy enjoying myself. I also noticed someone knocked the game for having similar animations for male and female characters, something that has always been present in Mass Effect, why is this all of the sudden a problem?

As for someone saying the graphics look worse than they did in 2, I really dont see it. Oh, and for people to yell and scream about male homosexuality being included in the game...seriously? It disgusts me that people cheer for two females to hook up in the context of a story and then when Bioware finally decides to handle the topic of male homosexuality, the game gets bashed. It just comes off as sexist, perverted, simple mindedness.

vickers5002411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )


Completely agree. I don't see how people believe there are LESS rpg options in this game. I'm seeing more, the more I play, and it has quite a bit more rpg options than Mass Effect 2. It has a little less dialogue options than me2, but that isn't the only thing that makes mass effect an rpg (plus the dialogue options didn't really have any big effects on the story in me2, so it's not like it matters that much).

This game so far is pretty much better all around than Mass Effect 2. The story is better, the gameplay is better, the missions are better, the graphics are slightly better (though that doesn't really matter all that much to me), the only thing that I can think of that ME3 does worse than ME2, is that me2 had better squad mates.

Honestly, if people hate the game as much as morganfell, then they were just looking for things to complain about before they even played the game, because the majority of stuff he listed is just nitpicky bullcrap. Recycled animations? Seriously? That's one of your big complaints? There are only so many ways a character can walk or run. There's a lot of content in the game so far, it's looking to be even more than Mass Effect 2, so if having the same acceptable animations from me2 was the result of them adding more content instead of doing unnecesary motion capture or newer animations, then I'm glad they didn't waste the time on that crap, because the animations are fine as they are.

Also I haven't experienced any of the bugs that morganfell had. The most I've experienced is a few game freezes while going in a citadel elevator, but that's it.

That whole idiotic "michael bay design" comment makes me think you've only played the demo. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you did, and are just basing all your criticisms off of that.

And I'm not even a bioware fanboy, I thought Mass Effect 2 was a disappointment compared to the first. Sure, there are a few disappointments in ME3, but the amount of improvements they've made far outweigh the negatives.

Oh well, b*tch and nitpick tiny issues like little crybabies all you want, I'm enjoying the hell out of this game, and so are a lot of others. The N4G folk tend to LOVE to hate the popular game of the moment, especially if it's not a ps3 exclusive (I bought the CE on ps3 by the way, so no, I'm not a 360 fanboy either, sorry) so I tend to take the fact that the majority of n4g folk disagreeing with me as a very good thing, as this site is full of children, seamlessly hopping on one hate bandwagon to the next, just because everyone else is.

da_2pacalypse2411d ago

I can tell ya one thing. Bioware might cash in big on this one. But this will be the last Bioware game I will ever buy. CDPROJECT FTW!!!!

anti-fanboy2410d ago


"The N4G folk tend to LOVE to hate the popular game of the moment, especially if it's not a ps3 exclusive"

Completely agree my friend. I have yet to complete Mass Effect 3 I am enjoying it greatly. I see no major gameplay differences from Mass Effect 2 I see more rpg elements than I did in 2.

This website has some of the worst trash on it. Thought there are some links to some good articles sometimes and good comments, but for the most part I ignore the comments section.

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Simon_Brezhnev2411d ago

My hate is the damn ending feel like i wasted my 33 hours for that POS ending. I'm not as mad as most people about the Tali thing but it was pretty damn lazy of Bioware. The DLC was really cut from the final game hell the character talks to you like everybody else. Then again Bioware did this same shit with DAO and ME2.

The series went from a 9/10 to 6/10 because of that lazy ending.

GraveLord2411d ago

Pretty sure they like the game itself but hate getting ripped off with Day 1 on-disc DLC.

SephirothX212411d ago

Well Bioware did a good job on SWTOR for their first MMORPG. All three Mass Effect games have critical acclaim and Mass Effect 2 won many GOTY awards in 2010. Sure they removed rpg elements that I don't believe they should have but as a standalone package, I believe all three games delivered. DA2 was the only game this gen that was a let-down from Bioware imo but DA1 was one of the best rpg games I've ever played. I do think they're developing too many games at once and EA is certainly having a negative effect but I still think people just like to whine and bitch for the sake of it.

achmetha2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

I don't get it personally. Over the years I've played nearly every major game and franchise and have yet to really feel "cheated" or "disappointed" with a game developer / publisher. Some may just say that I'm easily pleased, which may be the case, but I think more-so that people expect too much. Maybe it's because I don't read every preview and review. So when I get a game I don't know what to expect and usually I'm pretty satisfied.

The same could be said about movies. I hear tons of people go again and again to the movies and come away disappointed. I don't even waste my time. Then there are times where I'm really interested in a movie (John Carter) but I don't know much about it. Turns out it's a great movie despite what others are taking at face value.

Not really sure the point of this comment other than maybe people expect too much. There were never so many complaints back in the day when everyone was in the dark waiting for the game to release, or waiting for a magazine to post their review. Hm, maybe publishers need to stop making so many claims as well..

Kaizin5142411d ago

I fully agree with you on this. I feel many people overly expect something and then when it doesn't meet up to their hype, then they feel cheated. I personally loved Mass Effect 3, and yes, maybe it is because I am easily pleased. Or maybe it is because I didn't really "care" about it until about 2 hours before it came out when I put in my Origin preorder.

I didn't hype it up, I wanted it because of the story and to be honest, I felt it ended as it should have. It explained some mysteries and to me, it felt like it had closure. I don't know, I feel with how the internet has become, it is much easier to generate hype (and over-generate for that matter). This is why I will watch one or two trailers then leave it at that, no previews, no reviews, nothing. I go in expecting virtually nothing.

geddesmond2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

I hate ME3 because I didn't really like ME2 and I think the franchise has too many problems to be received the way it is. I have played many RPGs with better stories and gameplay. The controls are too clunky and level progress is crap.

The story is very boring and it just drags on for ages even though all you want to do is just play the dam game. Dialogue choices also take away from story.

Gameplay is also very repetitive. Like Assasins Creed 1 repetitive. It consists of boring dialogue, then cover and shoot, more boring dialogue, then more cover and shoot, boring dialogue again, boss fight, last bit of dialogue and back to your ship to try and have sex with your female crew members.

Oh no wait theres also mining. Lets send probes into planets and mine the dozens of planets in the galaxy for upgrade material and lets build a relationship with your crew members so you can get special abilities and upgrades.

The game is average at best. I know people love the series and I honestly don't see why but I've been playing RPGs for 15 years and I would never call ME an RPG


I just have to add the most fun I had in ME2 was trying to fuck marian and that bitch didn't even show her titties.

lelo2play2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

What pissed me the most about the game:
- story was interesting, but with a sh*tty ending.
- First day DLC... that's just robbery.
- Take away the story, and it's basically just a run and gun game from start to finish. You go from point A to point B and kill every enemy that's in between. Repetitive game-play.

Aaroncls72411d ago

Mass Effect 3 is amazing, fellas.

If you have liked the series so far, this entry will blow you away.

Now, don't be blind to EA's bullcrap DRM, controversial DLC and other sh*t that would piss off even the more most patient elcorr.

Underneath all the pile of poo, lies a great game to be enjoyed.

M_Prime2411d ago

its weird how everyone is hating on a game that is really good. I mean i didn't finish it yet but i am really enjoying it but then again i already came to the conclusion nothing beat ME1. In ME1 you went from a nobody to a hero and it felt good, here you are already well known. There are a few issues with the game when it comes to characters glitching when you talk to them or walking around the citadel and getting weird animations when you bump into stuff, things i didn't see until EA put their hand in the pot. The Multiplayer is pretty sweet to be honest, its a lot of fun and i haven't had many glitches in there, it was actually well done.

My issues is that everyone is saying how this is bad, and that is bad. When i played ME2 i had Katsumi and that tough soldier downloaded before i started the game (i didn't play it at launch) and that was DLC, also the DLC in this game comes free with the N7 Collectors edition, plus you get a few extras. the extra $20 is worth it, since the DLC is $10. Its everyone who is too cheap to pay thats complaining really. I mean $79 is cheap for a collectors edition when most others start at $89 and some games start at $69 new for standard edition!

My biggest Gripe with the so called 'fans' is that BIOWARE did listen, they are just HATING FOR THE SAKE OF HATING. These people really need to enjoy games and not get their panties in a bunch all the time. I mean in ME2 a lot of people complained that the CITADEL was too small and lacking (even i was disappointed how small it was) but it did make sense because you weren't Alliance anymore but in ME3 its fixed and all the little side quests are in there and they are quite informative. Also i see people saying that the choices you made before didn't really have an effect. I see my choices all the time. I am even tempted to play through the game (if there is a choice maker like ME2) and have all my game friends die so i can see what the story is like. i mean Wrex is a big part of the story and Grunt shows up too. At first i though it Wrex wasn't there then it would be grunt, but he shows up somewhere else and what if he was dead? thats a lot of scenarios that bioware had to cover and i think they did a good job reflecting my i don't know why everyone is so upset.

and the GAY thing. i mean really its 2012, what kind of rock do you live under. People are gay its a FACT. to each their own, if you don't like it you don't have to talk to those characters. I mean i know ASARI are just 1 gender but technically since ME1 female on female was okay, just male one male is a big no no. I'm not gay but i say, if you wanna kiss a guy, no nuts. If you don't then Don't. This game is about decisions.

so CHUK5, i agree with you. Gamers are a bunch of crybabies, but i guess some of it is their parents wallets.

Awesome_Gamer2411d ago

I'm not a cry baby.. I have an opnion and i think Mass Effect 3 is the worst one in the series! Do you have a problem with that

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BuffMordecai2412d ago

Because of the bullshit they pulled with dlc, Helper's gay fantasies, and drop in quality.

Godmars2902412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Don't hate it, just wish that it was more. ME1 shows that the series could have been but then Bioware/EA decided to cheap out in terms of depth and plot structure. put mote thought into adding multiplayer.

razrye2411d ago

don't like it don't play it

floetry1012411d ago

I'm enjoying the game thus far, so I can't really provide an overall impression of the game just yet.

I can however comment on Jessica Chobot's voice acting, which is one of the worst cases of fanboy pandering in the history of gaming. Without needing to mention the fact that her character seems overtly pointless, her voice acting is also atrociously wooden.

Kran2411d ago

She is from IGN after all.

Dont get me wrong, nice woman. But not a voice actor.

Chuk52411d ago

It was so awkward. It had the stink of EA pressure all over it. It amazes me that ME3, from what I've played, is as good as it is. EA has definitely had their hand in Bioware's junk from a design perspective, but the game still feels undeniable mass effect.

Props to them.

JaredH2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

She really doesn't have a point in the game. I don't get why her ass is so big either and her clothes are made to make it seem even bigger. Also,


Why can you have sex with her after like four interviews that aren't even conversations. That seems either forced or her character is a slut for power, or just a slut.