PC Action to reveal the PC version of an exclusive console RPG; Dark Souls PC Incoming?

DSOGaming writes: "Now this is extremely interesting. German magazine PC Action is said to reveal the PC version of an exclusive console RPG. According to the magazine’s ‘next month’ column – spotted by Neogaf’s member ‘Anarkin’ – the magazine will reveal the game’s identity in its next issue that will hit stores in April 11th."

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fluffydelusions2412d ago

Will be buying DS PC version if true day 1

NYC_Gamer2412d ago

My gut feeling tells me its DS.

The_Nameless_One2412d ago

I hope the game will support gamepads. I can't imagine getting used to K/M.

D3mons0ul2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Why would a German magazine report on it before a Japanese one?

You know, IF it is actually DS PC

chadachada1232410d ago

What's the status of PC gaming over in Japan? If it's anything like their 360 market ("what market?" "exactly"), I can see why a foreign mag could get the drop first. Only time will tell.

D3mons0ul2410d ago

Well logic would tell that From Soft would probably be the first to say anything about it and they haven't confirmed anything yet. They did say the decision lies with Namco but that's it.