UGO: Games of the Year 2007

There have been plenty of great years for gaming, but 2007 may very well top them all. Halo 3's "biggest media launch ever" is obviously at the forefront of newsworthy events, but it's far from the only item worth talking about. New IPs were a big theme this year as well, with titles like Crackdown, Overlord and, of course, BioShock impressing the hell out of gamers the world over. Many also see 2007 as the year of the casual gamer, with ever-escalating enthusiasm for Nintendo's Wii and DS devices driving a newfound mass public interest in video gaming.

However you choose to look at it, the medium has made some tremendous evolutionary leaps in the past year. As with when sound was added to film and color to TV, gamers must now wrestle with a number of less tangible unknowns as the face of video gaming continues to mature. Before leaping into the great unknown of 2008, join UGO now for a look back over the greatest hits, misses and head-scratchers of the past year.

Feature by Russell Frushtick and Adam Rosenberg.

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