How To Download UT3 Mods using your PS3 Internet Browser

Here it is a very useful tutorial for PS3 and UT3 owners on how to download mods using your PS3 internet browser.

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Skerj4038d ago

Good, the idiots who keep whining about USB drives and memory sticks need this (PennyArcade). What, it's supposed to magically appear on the system?

unsunghero284038d ago

As a new PS3 owner though, I might... maybe... see what they're talking about. I still haven't figured out how to get a memory stick working on the PS3.

BEFORE flaming me, could someone please just explain the whole thing?

Real Gambler4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

and it should work... If there's something else to do, I don't remember. I've been plugging multiples external hard drives and a few USB keys and never had a problem. I have not done it since they added DLNA.

Skerj4038d ago

Nah unsung you're not whining you just want to know. PA on the other hand was whining. Real Gambler is right though, it's pretty much plug and play. The only caveat is that inside the XMB if it isn't formatted with the Sony folders (i.e. PSP/PS3 folders) then you'll have to hit triangle on the storage device to show everything on it.

bruiser814038d ago

At 1.1, in my own personal experience when i used to use memory sticks i found that when you plug it in and the icon pops up press the square button and display all folder contents. Hope that helps

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unsunghero284038d ago

On a different note, can we ever expect a UT3 demo on PSN?

Real Gambler4038d ago

I would not expect one for a while. I guess once the sales goes down...

solidt124038d ago

I don't see why. Either you like UT or you don't. Well it could be good for people new to the franchise I guess.

Kleptic4037d ago

Epic said they would eventually do it probably...but that it wouldn't happen before the game the interviews asking that question Rein said they told Sony "do you want the full game out this year, or do you want a demo this year?"...but went on to say that depending on sales a demo would most likely show up...

being that the sales are relatively slow at this point (although still already more than doubled the PC version in just two weeks), I wouldn't be suprised to see a demo...

it really is a great game...anyone that likes online fps games should definitely look into this...and the mods will give it near infinite replay value...

solidt124038d ago

Don't make it more complicated than what it is. Just download the file then unzip it to your usb drive. The path should be created automatically but if not it's PS3\SAVEDATA\BLUS30086-MODIMPO RT

Ju4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Actually, I was wondering. Those 4 mods were ziped. How do you download them into the folders without unziping ? Or are they available unziped, already ?

EDIT: Ah, I see. has them right there to download.

Another thing is, each mod has the same folder and file name. So, you have to repeat the whole procedure for each single mod you want to install (start browser, download mod, start UT3, install mod, quit UT3, start browser again, ... next mod ). - They could add browser support inside UT3, or not ? Would at least make that easier. (but possibly use up to much memory).

BTW: I am again impressed by the UT3 visuals. I am close to say, they come close to UC (or are on par).

bigshynepo4038d ago

This was informative. I just hate how you have to repeat the step over and over again, it's too bad you couldn't load all the maps/mods into one folder and have the game recognize them. Still the coolest thing to happen to consoles since "plays for windows" cross-plat play. I can't wait to fill up my PS3 with UT mods and maps.

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