First Look At Oddworld On The PS Vita

A couple of images of Just Add Water’s Oddworld remastered titles for the PS Vita have surfaced.

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NukaCola3987d ago

These were posted to Oddworld Inhabitant's Facebook page. I am going to get them. Kind of lame you have to buy them separate even though they are digital games. They said they are going to try to get a discount for those who already bought the game. I wonder if this means the trophies are still different.

DigitalRaptor3987d ago

When it comes to trophies, I think it's stupid having 2 sets for the same game on PS3 & Vita, when you're using the same save data on both versions.

I'm not sure if MotorStorm RC, has done it, but I think it has 1 trophy set for both versions, which is smart.

All cross-platform stuff should do this. I'm looking at you Konami (MGS HD Collection).

jujubee883987d ago

I like the art design of those these games so I look forward to having bot these games on my VITA.

bub163987d ago

so this is what a dev psvita looks like? i prefer this look to the retail look

ginsunuva3987d ago

One of the best series ever!