Hideo Kojima Reveals His Favorite Metal Gear Boss Battle

A recent survey conducted by Gamespark asked readers which gaming boss battles they thought were the most impressive. Among the choices of the readers were The Boss (MGS3) and Psycho Mantis (MGS1).

In response, Hideo Kojima posted on his Twitter which boss battles from the series were most impressive to him.

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redDevil872414d ago

Those were some surprising choices.

Grey Fox was such a badass character, they should make him a playabale character in Rising.


I don't give a fruity feck bring on MGS5 please it's long overdue.

epidural anyone?

ReservoirDog3162414d ago

Honestly my favorites were Vulcan Raven on MGS1 (especially what he says after you defeat him) and the Boss using only CQC in MGS3.

creatchee2414d ago

I hate to say this, but Kojima is wrong about his own game series :) So many better choices.

I prefer Psycho Mantis and The End.

TopDudeMan2414d ago

I liked the sniper wolf battle in the snowfield. It was just so epic.

JellyJelly2414d ago

Psycho Mantis and The End are my favourites as well. Epic stuff.

Ginn2414d ago

Keyword - "His", not "Your".

Enigma_20992414d ago

How can Kojima be wrong about listing HIS favorites?

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Noticeably_FAT2414d ago

He should reveal what his favorite overdone, long, boring, confusing cutscene is.

Zechs342414d ago

Probably the one you directed...



AusRogo2414d ago

One of the coolest was the battle at the end of mgs2 with solidus

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