Is This The Gears of War 2 UK Release Date? have already given an indication of when Gears of War 2 should be hitting store shelves in the US when it started taking pre-orders for the new game and set a release date of the 15th of Nov. 2008.

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superman4039d ago

November seems like the time the game will come out. First game i played on my 360 was Gears of War. Who cares if it was short, I loved every second, just like Uncharted.

vloeistof4039d ago

killzone 2 will prob come out around that time 2 lol

TheMART4039d ago

Uh SO?

KZ1 got reviewed between 6 and 7 average
Gears 1 got reviewed at 94% average

Guerilla never made one great game (Killzone on PSP also only was allright with an 8 average). Epic has made many killer apps.

Gears of War sold over 5 mln. copies with an installed base at that time around 10 million users.

Don't even compare that overhyped KZ product of a Dutch developer that has to learn so much before it even gets close to what Epic makes.

Gears 2 will chainsaw KZ2 into a bloody mess. It'll be funny to watch your face at that time!

GITPWNED4038d ago

How the f*ck does Mart always do that?

fredy4034d ago

but please you really cant equate what the sales will be for gears 2 vs kz2 thorugh pre-orders and first day sales, I can't imagine.

who knows sony is still looking for that 4million+ game and it wont be Kz2.

gears 2 will be like halo 2 sales. and if they take some ques and make it better, if not rushed like ms rushed bungie after halo 1, gears 3 will b close to halo 3 sales.

marc 19754039d ago

but gears of war will sell at least a million in its 1st day

SDFm3rc4039d ago


I really hope Sony have fined tuned their strategies when releasing Killzone 2, because anyhow it clashes with GOW2, there's going to be literally millions of dollars going straight down the drain (again).

I almost think MS have planned this specifically, just to completely fuc up Killzone 2.

I hope not for the sake of us TRUE sony fans, eh lads?

vloeistof4039d ago

would be cool 2 huge titels against each other .

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The story is too old to be commented.