Mass Effect 3 - Better with Kinect?

Sticky Trigger Entertainment's Lax takes a look at Mass Effect 3's much talked-up Kinect integration and gives the final verditc as to whether or not Mass Effect 3 really is Better with Kinect.

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Queefy_B2505d ago

Thats just Microsoft drivel designed for fools to think "oh ok if you say so microsoft it must be better with kinect" lol of course it isnt.

Laxman2505d ago

I take it you didnt actually read the article then?

There is no "oh ok if you say so microsoft it must be better with kinect" at all, but rather a look at what the title offers in terms of how the Kinect works in the game, and what aspects play better with (and without) the Kinect system.

Are you upset that your Move doesnt have voice support like this?

DigitalRaptor2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

How can a motion wand controller support voice commands?

Don't you mean the PlayStation Eye?

And since than upcoming Star Trek game on PS3 (which looks similar to Mass Effect) is going to support the Move, Mass Effect 3 could easily implement the peripheral. Imagine coming out of a firefight and then going into a conversation in which you can select the response using the Move pointer. That would be cool. Shame BioWare didn't want to implement something like that.

Scuzzlebutt2505d ago

I can't imagine constant talking out loud to my TV while I play a game. I want to hear the game, not myself talk. This gimick is just MS trying to wedge it's crap into core games. They must have threw a lot of money at EA, too bad EA took it instead of putting the their time into the other versions. The PC version is a mess and doesn't suport gamepads. Thanks Kinect!

Baxy10802505d ago

I don't see how no gamepad support makes the pc version a mess, if you wish to use a controller why not buy a console? the pc is great for its mouse and keyboard controls, especially on shooters