Exclusive Games: Are they really so exclusive any more?

Since the arrival of "This-Gen" consoles, there's been one big thing that runs riot on the Internet as soon as a new game, or the mention of a new release comes up – Exclusiveness . . . will it be, won't it be, how exclusive will it be. If at all.

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actas1234040d ago

u know I always thought all games should be multi, but since 360 is only capable of runnings up to 8.5 G games, its going to be a nasty limit for all ps3 versions. So Ps3 exclusives make since.

Blademask4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Is it fine to write stories or blogs, then submit them as official published news/stories?!? Bloodmask does the same exact crap. Everyone is going to just start writing blogs and submitting their opinions as stories and rumors.

More feel good non game articles for the fanboys. 08 is going to be a long one with everyone submitting their own word as gospel.

mighty_douche4040d ago

its gone beyond a joke now. I come here to find gaming news, i find enough spam in the comments section, now these comments are becoming articles? This site is going down hill fast, to much power to the users i guess.

Blademask4040d ago

And of course, it was.

Its getting sad.

crazypuppet4040d ago

you turn every single piece of news into a flame war

Impact4040d ago

thats the whole f**king problem, this isn't news it's someones blog / opinion.

Blademask4040d ago

News written and posted by N4G members isn't news.

I guess you think it is? Which is fine.

crazypuppet4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

sorry i dint realize it was written by someone here. To tell you the truth i didnt even read the article lol i just saw the description and then saw your comment.

BIoodmask4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

why don't you just give it up. You bring up one story submitted by me. I notice you don't bring up Predator(the person who actually submitted this story.) You Sony fanboys hide under the guise of actually looking out for the integrity of N4G when in reality you are just throwing a temper tantrum bc this article is stating things that you don't like.

Face it, you don't like this article bc it doesn't support your own personal agenda. I know it's cool to hate me bc I give Sony fanboys a hard time. But please drop the BS bravado of your intentions of "looking out" for the better intentions of N4G.

Blogs are approved "all the time", it is just the one's that depict the PS3 in a negative light that constantly have multiple BS reports. Give it up, your argument is weak at best. Predator is one of the best contributors to this website. Once again I notice how you don't bring him up at all. Just me and the person who wrote this bc you know "we" are 360 fans. Notice I had nothing to do with submitting this at all.

For a further point of reference look at 2 of the hottest stories on the front page. "Both blogs", why no problem with those?

Pretty hypocritical don't you think? Now click disagree a million times like you always do.

mighty_douche4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

this crap shouldnt be on here.

DiabloRising4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

In my opinion, the PS3 has some great exclusives like Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, and Resistance. I better go make a fancy looking blog then and post it as news, right? I mean, unless its wrong to be Pro- Good Games because they are on another platform! Gasp! Or how about I post a blog about how all of MS's worthwhile exclusives are on the PC in SUPERIOR form, thus negating the need to spend $400 on a Read-Ring-Of-Death Box 360? I mean hey, its FACT, it must be news!

You foolish fanboys are so wrapped up in Sony vs MS, which is effing stupid, that you ignore that this is all about having FUN and enjoying the GAMES. If you're a 360 fanboy, a fanboy of hardware, I really do pity you. I'll never be so unimaginably stupid as to align myself with a CONSOLE instead of quality titles, whatever system they are on. Have gamers gotten SO bitter at one another simply because they choose one console over another? Why must one HATE a console simply because it isn't their preference? You guys waste so much time arguing over something so petty, this is supposed to be a hobby for fun, and you guys ruin it.

Enjoy being fools. I'm going to enjoy titles wherever they may show up, and not knock them for the CONSOLE they are on.

Blademask4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

I enjoy the taste of your tears.

Just because all of your fellow fanboy enthusiasts do it, doesn't make it acceptable on the site.

I am reporting you to the admins.

BIoodmask4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

You are the one crying over this article being posted not me. I am just telling it like it is.

Go ahead and report me. What have I done wrong?

"Just because all of your fellow fanboy enthusiasts do it, doesn't make it acceptable on the site."

Are you calling Predator a 360 fanboy enthusiast? He is the one who submitted this story you know.

Blademask4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )


if you are too daft to understand that XboxOZ360 is the one behind this story, you really are dumb as salt.

just fyi.. I'm a ps360pc`er. Your silly Sony hate rolllllllssss offfa my back, and onto my quad core :)

Impact4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Since people troll it's ok for bloodmask to do it as well. Thats his whole mentality.

"Predator is one of the best contributors to this website. Once again I notice how you don't bring him up at all.


"I notice you don't bring up Predator"

Certainly seems to be truth supported with facts unlike the sh1t you post.

The more you talk the dumber your appearing. Any of this sound familiar also? it should because it came from you.

"You Sony fanboys hide under the guise"
"I know it's cool to hate me bc I give Sony fanboys a hard time"

you need to stop looking at what other people are doing and worry about yourself and your actions not those of others. I know it's obviously a tough concept for you to grasp but im sure you will learn it before becomming a adult

BIoodmask4040d ago

How is trolling brought up? If you would notice this article is in the gaming section of this website. Not PS3.

Notice how this Blademask character brings "me" up in his original post because he thinks it is fun to hate on me.

"Is it fine to write stories or blogs, then submit them as official published news/stories?!? Bloodmask does the same exact crap."

Why bring me up in this post?

titntin4040d ago

Blogs have no place on this site and ought to be reported regardless of which platform they support.
The fact you have been a great contributer to this site in the past gives you no 'divine right' to sh*t on it now, and if you can't see that writting and tipping your own blog is a blatently ridiculous thing to allow on this site, then you really don't have the kind of intellect you try to show you have.
If you trully have this site and its users needs at the forefront of your priorities, then you would put your hands up and admit that approving all such blogs and BS news, is completely out of order.
You won't do this, because you blatently have an agenda and simply hide behind a previously good contribution record.

Give us all one good reason why a blog by someone with no industrty credentials or insight is news here?? Just one. Any reason? No.. I thought not.
Pointing a finger at other bad behaviour by other morons on this site and saying 'but they did it too', is acting like a child in a play ground. If your action is defendable, then simply defend it with a good reason - not this 'most of my actions are good so I should be able to get away with it for mate' defence.
If you can properly explain why a blog article of this nature is good for the site, I'll happily agree. As it is, this is absolute BS, and your approval speaks volumes about your real intentions here, despite your constant desire to link to your exceptional stats.

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to4074040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

" Assassin’s Creed, Haze, Unreal Tournament III, LA Noir, Crysis (PC- 360), Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Just Cause 2 (360 - PS3) etc are just me examples of so-called exclusive titles that are in fact multiplatform. Some having information dating back a few years indicating their multiplatform credentials, but now being completely ignored" by the die-hard fans of primarily the Sony Playstation brigade".

DiabloRising4040d ago

I love how the "article" is essentially PS3 bashing, then goes on in the final paragraphs to suck Halo's phallus. Real quality writing there, eh? God, this site is getting more and more pathetic everyday. I also like how he fails to mention all the Xbox 360 "exclusives" that are going to the PC (Gears, Bioshock, and if you think Halo 3 or Mass Effect are safe, you're kidding yourself) as well as all the 360 titles going to the PS3 (hello Condemned, Eternal Sonata, Saint's Row, Lost Planet...).

Want to know why more devs are jumping ship from the Playstation brand to the Xbox brand with their titles? Because outside of Ninja Gaiden, the original Xbox DIDN'T HAVE ANY MAJOR FRANCHISES TO LOSE... Gasp!

Impact4040d ago

Yea I don't get it. I myself as a PC gamer, the xbox360 offers nothing new or exclusive to me. I have played many FPS and as I have posted many times on here that, Halo is a Average shooter. Having played tons of FPS and then picking up halo I was severly dissapointed.

On a side note
To this day I say Goldeneye 007 for the N64 is the best console shooter ever.

Laexerias4040d ago

I always laughed when i hear the sound of this "Lazer-Pew-Pew-Machine-Gu n"
I ask me everytime, why does this game became famous? I mean.. its nothing against Unreal Tournament, but everyone has hyped it so high, its a bad game, with a bad story, and a average multiplayer.
Unreal Tournament IS a Multiplayer Game, and when people say: UHHHHH The Singleplayer Mode is gäy!
I dont understand them, its a Multiplayer game, and they are just jealous cause the pc gamer and the playstation gamer have the game, when its out for xbox they make faked comparisions about the versions and say: UHHH!! Its looking soo sh!tty on the ps3! uhhhh!
I mean.. why dont they accept it, Halo is not a good game, its for gamers that are 12-16 and began to play videogames their first time.. nya just like the xbox fanbase generelly is.

Nevermind, u are totally right, Halo is a dissapointment

rhood0224040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

This was my favorite part and why blogs should not be allowed in any shape or form.

From the comment sections

"It’s interesting to note now that the Sony fans aren’t out in the public too much over Unreal Tournament 3 . . . as it’s supposed Nov ‘07 release for the PS3 has been delayed, and will be released in ‘08 alongside the Xbox 360 version. The PC Version gets released on or around the 18th Nov ‘07 . . ."

Not only is the blog out of date, it is totally wrong (on this point) as well.

Impact4040d ago

I would ban people instantly for pulling such stupid sh1t whether their name brand of choice is sony, nintendo or microsoft.

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