Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Vita Gameplay

Metal Gear and PlayStation go together like pea­nut but­ter and jelly.

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Skateboard4224d ago

MGS4 port with trophies, holla if you hear me Hideo.

nevin14224d ago

This didn't really show gameplay.


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jznrpg21d ago

Hopefully they release the NA version not too long after or at least offer an English dub version for Asia at launch and I would end up buying both.

Abriael21d ago

There's no English version for Asia.

Seraphim21d ago

considering Falcom doesn't even allow work to start on localization until the game is complete, I don't see this coming stateside "not too long" after release. It's also why we're so behind with Trails. I mean at this point we're a whole 2 games back with Kuro no Kiseki 2 [I believe] having released almost a year ago in JP.

That being said, I can only hope that if NISA is the publisher for NA that they have time set aside in their schedule to get YsX localized and out the door w/in a year. The good news for Ys is at least there isn't a backlog of games already.

isarai20d ago

It's always like a year later unfortunately

shinoff218321d ago

Love these ys games. Pretty damn good

RedDevils20d ago

I like the 2D YS Celceta as well.

Outlawzz14d ago

I hope these stages and time limits were done for the demo only. I still have to finish 9, love the games but falcom need a bigger budget to upgrade their engine, these games still look like ps2 era graphics lol