'Zelda' holds its original magic after 25 years

Nintendo’s “Zelda” franchise has hit all the right notes in its illustrious history to make it a long-lasting epic adventure.

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CommonSense2413d ago

No zelda game has ever matched the magic of the original game for NES. and every major zelda since OoT has basically just been a remake.

NukaCola2413d ago

What Zelda title did Wind Waker copy?

ape0072413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

I guess if the near perfect, stunning complete and truly realized 3D jump To Ocarina of time DID NOT IMPRESS you then i don't think anything can

what now.... gta 2 better than gta 3???

Ghost2502413d ago

so majora's mask was a remake. yea whatever

CommonSense2412d ago

you people intentionally take things extremely literally for the sake of making really stupid points. you know basically doesn't mean exactly, right?

they have basically been remakes. the story is the same, the character development is the same. the gameplay progresses in a pretty standard fashion.

knew someone would mention wind style has nothing to do with it. you can 'remake' something and use a completely different art style.

mike1up2412d ago

I'll give you character development... but how can you possibly argue that the story and gameplay are the same in all titles?

The story in every Zelda game is different, so let's not be ridiculous.

Gameplay has changed a lot in the past 25 years. Zelda has made successful transitions from 2D to 3D to Motion Controls.

What more were you expecting?

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browngamer412413d ago

Not a single game after (or before) Ocarina was a remake-the only "remake" would be ocarina 3d..