Ninja Theory, "Moving from Xbox to PS3 to multi was betrayal in some people's minds"

In an interview with PSM3, Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades answered to some critics opposition to a Devil May Cry reboot

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NYC_Gamer3430d ago

No it wasn't since Ninja Theory weren't owned by Sony

solar3430d ago

only extremists care about exclusives. real gamers embrace games that everyone can enjoy. because that is what gaming is all about.

dragon823430d ago

Everyone can enjoy exclusives. All they have to do is buy the other consoles.

MysticStrummer3430d ago

I find the downplaying of exclusives this generation really bizarre. Exclusives define a platform. They always have and they always will. Either buy the system that has more of the exclusives you want to play on it, or buy every system so you can play them all. Regardless, anyone can play whatever they want. Gaming is about having fun, by the way.

wenaldy3430d ago

The word of extrimist is too much, smartass..

Boody-Bandit3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

No Ninja Theory what was a betrayal was your relentless bitching and complaining about Sony and Heavenly Sword. How did Enslaved do again? Exactly.

Stop, you're not relevant and at the rate you're going, never will be. Don't you need to actually make a really good game before you start making headlines? Personally I would hope so. Enslaved was meh at best and the ending was horrid. Get back to us when you have a project worth talking about.

RememberThe3573430d ago

I have to disagree there (even though I clicked agree :| ). Gaming isn't about being inclusive, it's about being entertained and/or challenged. I get the sentiment, but there's more to gaming than "no exclusives!".

As for Ninja Theory, I think that people resented the fat that they wanted a sequel to HS and NT basically gave everyone the finger because they thought HS sold too low. Then they went on and made a game that was worse and sold worse validating peoples hate. I, personally, don't really care. I want a new HS and I really don't want them making DMC, but outside of that I couldn't give two sh*ts about them.

UltimateIdiot9113430d ago

Real gamers buy games regardless of systems, troll.

Exclusives allows devs to flesh out and devote more resources into their work translating into a better experience. If you can't see that, then you can go on and not enjoy all the exclusives out there.

SilentNegotiator3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

It was a moronic move on their own part. Instead of making a sequel to Heavenly Sword or some sort of spiritual successor and getting lots of sales, they played the blame game against the playstation 3, made a mediocre game, and got mediocre sales.



"only extremists care [only] about exclusives"

guitarded773430d ago

The reason PS3 gamers hated them wasn't because they went to develop multiplats, it was because of all the s#1t they talked about the PS3 and how it was PS3 owners faults that Heavenly Sword didn't sell the numbers they wanted. Then after talking s#!t, they released Enslaved which was mediocre at best and now they have their heart set on ruining the Devil May Cry franchise. Ninja Theory is one of the most overrated developers ever.

NukaCola3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

What's really for Ninja Theory:

They bashed Playstation and it's fans. They said Enslaved would blow Uncharted away in story, gameplay and visuals. They used the Unreal Engine which is not very friendly to inexperienced devs and the PS3 itself, so the game had much more tearing on PS3 and overall looked worse than Heavenly Sword...AND IN THE END the game sold the most on PS3 over 360. Talk about gamers being bigger than idiot jerk wad developers. Ninja Theory really messed up on so many levels.

lover20123429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

"only extremists care about exclusives. real gamers embrace games that everyone can enjoy. because that is what gaming is all about. "

it really piss me off when some people say that

exclusives are what push the system to it limit
and define that system

why would i buy ps3 or xbox then ??
if every game on every system then i would just stick to pc gaming and never own consoles
since pc already have the best looking games ever
and i would never experience sony's 1st party studios
and never see the best looking "consoles" games like uncharted3/godofwar3/kz3 etc.
and i will never see the ps3 push to it's limit

BTW MS is making a mistake by not having almost any 1st party studio beside turn10/343 for next gen consoles
almost every other so called "xbox exclusive" already on pc
that's the reason I'm sticking to PC/ps4 next gen

let me ask you this
when next gen come out what console are you going to buy and why ???
answer me on this question

Rageanitus3429d ago

if it were not for blu-ray and the ps3 exclusives I would have not gotten a ps3 and just stuck with pc gaming....

hell although xbox has hardly any exclusives i bought it just for gears... given the condition that i paid CHEAP for my xbox

Saladfax3429d ago

It's rather funny because what ultimateidol is actually implying is that a single, unified architecture for game development would be the best thing for devs and gamers. After all, creators would be able to focus on one system, and all consumers would have access to these wonderful games.

Oh, but no, no no... We could never lose our beloved plastic boxes. How could we argue which one was best, then? How can we feel vindicated that the choices of our shiny red tricycles was better than the other guy's?

Don't get me wrong, I love the exclusive games, but having the attitude of hording them is just kind of dumb. Maybe not go multi-plat for everything off the bat, but do some porting, spread out these really fun experiences so that not everyone has to shell out hundreds of dollars for hardware to support each giant corporation.

Honestly, pretty much any argument to the contrary is just childish trike-mongering.

Ares84HU3429d ago


True gamers care about exclusives!!! Why?? Exclusives take truly advantage of a consoles power that most multiplatforms don't use. Look at Uncharted series on PS3 and Gears of War series on the 360 for example.

Karum3429d ago

For me "real" gamers play games they enjoy and just get on with enjoying them.

I strongly disagree that only extremists care about exclusives. As someone that owns a gaming PC, a PS3, a PS Vita and an Xbox 360 and don't consider myself any kind of extremist I absolutely love exclusives.

I find that most of the time exclusives are superb games because the developer is only working on one piece of hardware and are just in general great games. There's loads of PS exclusives which I love and there are 360 exclusives I've got some serious, serious enjoyment out of also.

BuffMordecai3429d ago

Sounds like someone is stuck with a 360.

Consoldtobots3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

"Ninja Theory is one of the most overrated developers ever."

I wouldn't go that far, some of the gameplay concepts they fleshed out in HS are things that will probably be the norm come next gen. (Repel the invading hordes with a catapult anyone?)

or how bout bullet time at the bridge when you have to nail the soldiers trying to kill your father with a well placed arrow each time?

I STILL go back to HS to play those sequences as they were truly epic and inspiring. Too bad NT didn't have any conviction behind their vision.

A man builds what his heart is inspired to. When he tries to build what he thinks others want, it ends being something nobody wants.

Biggest3429d ago

And to be honest, they aren't rated very high. I enjoyed Heavenly Sword. Enslaved was okay, but a few steps back in comparison to Heavenly Sword. Most devs are expected to perform better with each release. I don't trust Ninja Theory in that way. At least this time they have a "known" entity to work on.

Young_ART3429d ago

I care about exclusives and I am not an extremist.

The reason I love exclusives is because they are developed for a SPECIFIC CONSOLE. As in the developer can focus on that one consoles strengths and weaknesses, without having to sacrifice due to another consoles strengths and weaknesses.

IMO the only ones who DONT care about console exclusives, are ones who primarily game on consoles who don't have many.

but I won't name what system that is.

Shadonic3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Exclusives basically turned the gaming industry into some weird 3 team version of football to me, I mean just think about a football conversation about your teams rivals (xbox PS3) and the players are the games. Really as a gamer i believe exclusives are just something to keep the consumers locked onto the console of their choice.

Also enslaved wasn't even that bad theirs more to game sales then just the game itself. Look at the countless other big titles that were coming out.

aquamala3429d ago

But why do exclusives exist? It's because the devs got paid not to make the game on other consoles or they are first party, it's not like the team would pick a console that they like better to work on, it's all about $$$

aquamala3429d ago

I dont even know what to say to people that think uncharted 3 and gears 3 are better games than arkham city, portal 2 and skyrim. There are far more high quality multi plats last year than exclusives in 2011, and 2012 looks to be the same with mass effect 3, bioshock infinite and gta5

SilentNegotiator3429d ago

"I wouldn't go that far, some of the gameplay concepts they fleshed out in HS are things that will probably be the norm come next gen. (Repel the invading hordes with a catapult anyone?)"

Oh man, that part was awesome. I can't believe they went from one of the most defining experiences I have played this generation to one of the most mediocre I have played.

undisputed3429d ago

I don't get this elitist attitude about exclusives all of a sudden. Back then, exclusives were the biggest reasons for owning a console.

Kos-Mos3429d ago

Exclusive means games designed for "that" console.

SkyGamer3429d ago

I like how everyone talks about sony having so many developers now. Ok that is NOW. Is it etched in stone and for the rest of time?! How narrow can one's vision be? So you really think that they will ALWAYS be able to fund these studios with medocre sales? What is the best selling game on ps3? That's right, Modern Warfare 3. How about the runner up? Black Ops. I think the only ps3 game to crack the top 10 is gt5. The same for MS. MW3 and Black ops top their records as well. Until that trend ends, having multiple studios is foolish and not very cost-effective.

MS learned from sony last gen and flocked to movie studios and third party devs. Look at what happened... They are doing well this gen. Take a look at sony nextgen. They might be using a more developer friendly system, learning from MS this gen. It is good to learn from your mistakes.

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pedo_across-the-road3430d ago

Yes but Sony did save them from bankrupcy

Darrius Cole3430d ago

You mean Ninja Theory was almost bankrupt??? I can't imagine why.

andrewsqual3429d ago

Let Ninja Theory think what they want but if you actually liked Enslaved, prepare to be pissed off. If history repeats itself, then on the run up to release of Devil May Unreal, Ninja Theory are going to keep releasing dev diaries explaining why Enslaved was so shit but this game will be awesome and then it will flop. That's what happened with Enslaved when they kept bashing Heavenly Sword up to Enslaved's release( which they still don't realise was an awesome game for 2007). Complete and utter morons.

erathaol3430d ago

If I remember correctly, before Enslaved was released they did a fair bit of betrayal themselves. They said something like, "PS3 has such small audience at launch that being exclusive hurt sales for Heavenly Sword. We stepped up to be Multiplatform so that we can reach a wider audience with Enslaved."

The irony in that statement must have hit them like a bag of hammers, since Heavenly Sword sold better than Enslaved.

Darrius Cole3430d ago

It must be said, that their rationale for complaining about the sales never made sense. They were complaining about losing money on Heavenly Sword because they were exclusive. However, at that time Heavenly Sword had sold 1.5 million copies. The gaming community responded to Ninja Theory's complaints with a collective shout of, "HOW DO YOU LOSE MONEY ON 1.5 MILLION COPIES SOLD?"

Ninja Theory never answered that; they just kept on complaining.


Everybody is probably upset with you now because you insist on making Dante's hair black. Which actually is kind of disrespectful. It doesn't affect anything material; it is just that it is so blatantly a case of Ninja Theory sticking their finger the DMC fans' eyes simply because Ninja Theory has the power to do it.

dcbronco3430d ago

1.5 million doesn't always mean profit. This generation made it even harder to make a profit with those numbers. And developing exclusively on a new console, with new architecture and a small develop was a mistake. But NT believed(and many others) the PS3 would catch the 360 in months like Sony said.

But having a long develop period. Many issues, little financing and little help from Sony in any way also hurt.

Plus 1.5 sold in the first few months is not 1.5 sold over the course of a couple of years. Over the course of a couple of years means a lot of heavily discounted copies. And if VGCharts is the source for those numbers, remember that they also count copies bundled for free with a console. 1.5 is way off.

Baka-akaB3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

little help ? Sony cambridge had to help them finish the game .

They had great promotion from Sony for once , and even had a buzz worthy and jaw dropping advertising in eps of Heroes , the most popular tv serie of the time

And the rest is BS too ... they sold the very first months at least 500K copies of a game that met mostly mixed reviews and feelings , in a not so popular genre wich boasted MDC and god of war as the ultimate best sellers , at "only" 2-3 millions each usually .

They had a just ok game selling great at launch for lack of better titles , in a rather niche subgenre ... WTF did they wanted and expected ?

They didnt even do half that with Enslaved and yet pretended everything was fine for a while .

"Plus 1.5 sold in the first few months is not 1.5 sold over the course of a couple of years"

The game did almost 800k in its first year in fall 2007 , and was at 1,4 million at the beginning of 2008 . Better games than this had far worse drops and progression

dcbronco3427d ago

Baka-akaB so you believe they are just complaining to be complaining. You have to be a huge fanboy to believe that. They said they didn't make money. If what you say is true then why didn't they. And wasn't the game heavily discounted early on?

And any game that sells 2 or 3 million is a very popular game. It's more likely that a game will sell around a million. More likely less.

And the game was at almost 1.4 at the end of '08. Not the beginning. And it was being bundled, which news VGchartz counts even though it is a give away. Look at Kinect Adventures. It has 16 million in sales. But is bundled with Kinect. That's not a true sale.

Heavenly Sword lost money. Get over it. There are millions in cost like overhead and taxes that too many gamers ignore. 1.5 million copies of a game that was discounted, had a long development cycle and was exclusive to console with a small install base and gets bundled is not a recipe for making money.

I know, I know. You just want to play great games. But there is a business side to gaming.

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OmegaSlayer3430d ago

The problem with Ninja Theory is that they don't have the humbleness to understand what they do wrong and that they have serious limits as developers.
And they keep blaming others for their faults.
One time it's Sony, the other the customers, once Yo'Mama.
They're never wrong.

They have been asked to work on a game where gameplay is what matters and they still keep talking about the story.

They even call out may love him or not but the guy is a guru of gameplay/fun.

This Tameem is a serious stubborn idiot.

WetN00dle693429d ago

The only people affected are the fcking fanboys!
You guys need to grow the fck up!

morkendo233429d ago

Ninja Theory, "Moving from Xbox to PS3 to multi was betrayal in some people's minds"

yes, about when FINAL FANTASY 13 moved to 360 was that betrayal in ps3 gamer mind??? YES!!!!
what go's around comes back in full circle both console.

NeoBasch3429d ago

Not just that, but I believe their first game was published by Microsoft. I love the company. I think they're great and love that they focus on character development and storytelling. I wish more studios would take the same focus. My only complaint is the overuse of the Unreal Engine.

I understand that you can change the texturing to look nothing like Gears and Rainbow, but the way the games perform look very similar. You can almost tell when someone is using the Unreal Engine. As great as Mass Effect 3 looks and plays (minus the loading), it still fells like it was built with the Unreal Engine. I'd much rather studios build their own engines, once each generation, and then just modify it throughout. That way, a game that looks different feels different as well.

Aaroncls73429d ago

I've played a couple of their games and I wasn't too impressed.

Enslaved was ok; great character animations and attractive storyline; but the gameplay was quite dull and boring. I bought this game at release after the impressive demo :(

Heavenly Sword I did not like at all; the gameplay action felt out of control, and the story felt generic as %#$*.

Point is, these guys haven't done much in my book; I do think there is plenty of room for improvement but as of right now this developer gets kinda overshadowed by other established developers.

They do have a shot with DmC, I'd say they could get it right if they are smart enough and have learned from their shortcomings.

I wish they do.

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GraveLord3430d ago

Good article. The site is improving!

My favorite quote "We have no loyalty to bits of plastic and circuitry."

PS-Analog3430d ago

Thanx Grave. It was always our intention to improve. Still working hard on it now and will continue to improve.

gamingdroid3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

I actually like that quote very much!

However, they should add ", but we do have loyalty to the Benjamins!"


I respectfully want to let you know, your site needs a face lift.

RememberThe3573430d ago

Haha Benjamins they never seem to get. Isn't Heavenly Sword still their highest selling game?

jetlian3429d ago

they made more money off enslaved than HS. Did sell more no. However ES is their ip unlike HS which is sonys ip


personally bitching about heavenly sword sales (whioh are over 3 million) and just dissing the great game in general and sony gamers is the reason people didnt buy enslaved or take you seriously anymore

dont bite the hand that feeds you

morganfell3430d ago

And they were cut completely away from anything to do with the Heavenly Sword animated movie. As was stated below, don't bit the hand that feeds you.

Darrius Cole3430d ago

What Heavenly Sword animated movie? I never heard of any such thing. You got a link?

gamingdroid3430d ago

... except, they weren't really fed. In their eyes, they felt robbed it seems.

jacksonmichael3430d ago

That's... not the issue we have with DmC at all... I'm... Um... What...? Why would he think that?

3430d ago Replies(2)
Pozzle3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

- 'When asked about the animosity the studio was receiving he replied, "We've pushed a strong philosophy in the past that stories matter. That can be irksome to a lot of people."'

Surprise, surprise. Yet another subtle jab at the previous games. Sure the DMC games don't have the best stories in the world, but ffs I wish this guy would stop acting like he is "saving" the series with his OMG!BRILLIANT!IDEAS. No Tameem, fans aren't mad at you because you're making the DMC reboot more story-driven. >_>

- 'It's also that we started off as an Xbox developer, moved over to PS3 exclusively, then moved back to multiplatform development. That, to some people's minds, is a horrendous betrayal. But, for an independent developer like us, our interest is in making games and trying to reach as many people as possible. We have no loyalty to bits of plastic and circuitry.'

No Tameem, fans aren't mad at you because you're making the DMC reboot multiplatform. >_>

SoapShoes3430d ago

But, for an independent developer like us, our interest is in making games and trying to reach as many people as possible. We have no loyalty to bits of plastic and circuitry.'

Funny because they reached more people as a PS3 exclusive. Now they are monkey backing on someone else's game.

dragonyght3430d ago

haha tru heavenly sword single platform exclusive did reach x3 more ppl than they ever did with Enslaved. that just disprove they own statement. its really sad the miss the boat with heavenly sword 2

gamingdroid3430d ago

***Surprise, surprise. Yet another subtle jab at the previous games.***

Why is that a jab?

It seems to me you are saying, we can't say anything bad about the previous games. Acknowledging problems is the first step towards fixing them.

Pozzle3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

Tameem has made no secret about his dislike of the original DMC games (and Dante's original design). He even said a couple of weeks back that he believes his team is "saving" the series. I can't recall a single interview where he's said something positive or complimentary about the original games or the team who made them. :(

He might not have intentionally meant it as a jab here, but considering his past comments about the original DMC games, I wouldn't be surprised if that's what he was implying. He could have just said something like "We have decided to make the reboot more story-driven" instead of "fans are mad at us because we think story matters". >_>

Saladfax3429d ago

I'm never going to say that I'm particularly fond of the design choices for the new DmC game, but...

Let's be bloody honest here. The series really isn't that great. Yes, 1 and 3 are good games, but that means they've done the game right about half the time.

I wouldn't say its at all unusual for a new dev to feel confident about improving upon a series which has had numerous ups and downs.

Baka-akaB3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

actually nope , the serie is that great , with only few clear cut rival in it's own hardcore genre , such as ninja gaiden (and now too with bayonetta) .

Other games of the genre choose the Gow route wich is hardly the same flavor but good in its own right .

And then you got now the so called story oriented NT , wich could coexist fine on their own without crap on the rest

Being honest dmc2 is still a pretty good game , with great sales, just dissapointing compared to the rest and the mindblowing first game . Some of us are even looking forward to redo it in the hd collection , despite some initial mixed feelings

Most people only had two issues with DMC4 wich was a pretty good game : the character of Nero , and the amount of backtracking .

Otherwise it was pretty much the formula from dmc3 that most enjoyed . And it did sell the best so far .

Meanwhile continuing the honesty trend , NT hasnt produced a single game even as good , gameplay wise , as DMC2 , the worst of the serie

MysticStrummer3430d ago

'When asked about the animosity the studio was receiving he replied, "We've pushed a strong philosophy in the past that stories matter. That can be irksome to a lot of people."'

He can't possibly really believe this.

unknownhero11233430d ago

he does. He's what I like to call a self-important douchebag. trust me, I lived with one my entire life.

Sevir3430d ago

A powerful franchise! Honestly... Tameem is just rude, the producer on Heavenly sword and former studio head, was soo much better at handling things. She left when Tameem was named head of studio when the relationship broke with Sony, -_- since then this guy has just been trying to compare flawed Enslaved to Uncharted while dissing and insulting Heavenly Sword and Sony, Which was written as a trilogy and was even in development. Ironically all this bitching about HS they sold more on one platform than they ever did with a multiplatform game which also got more advertising and publicity than HS!

The fact that they got lucky by some unfortunate turn of management decision on capcom's behalf they scored a powerful franchise to work on. Cocky bastard now thinks he owns the Damn Franchise! -_-

ziggurcat3429d ago

"No Tameem, fans aren't mad at you because you're making the DMC reboot multiplatform."

right - they're mad over the look and colour of a game character's hair without having played or seen any gameplay footage.

*rolls eyes*

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