No Diablo 3 PvP at Launch

As Blizzard scale back on features for their ARPG, today they revealed they have removed PvP from the launch version of the game.

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syrinx2440d ago

Seriously, the Diablo 3 development has been a right mess. Blizzard has lost the plot

NYC_Gamer2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

They haven't been the same since that merger with Activision.

Amazingmrbrock2440d ago

This isn't that awful of a decision, blizzard are long known to push a release date. So there is some decision to hold back with the online part. Just balancing online play can take ages. Every game I've used the multiplayer on undergoes constant balance patches.

Even aside from that they could be doing a multitude of things, after wow they likely know all the things they need to have right for a multiplayer arena to be excellent. Things they wanted to improve upon, or things they had to get right.

Plus instead of having a middling multiplayer muddying up reviews now they will probably get a second batch of just multiplayer reviews. Which is added free publicity.

syrinx2440d ago

Yeh but 6 years of development for an ARPG! I mean cmon!

Amazingmrbrock2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

double post.**

Amazingmrbrock2439d ago

Not really, they scrapped a nearly done version at some point when they moved the whole dev team to WOW. They started diablo 3 from scratch only three or so years ago. It's still taking a while true but not that that long. Also they have quite a few dev teams working on different things, that titan game, wow dlc, the next starcraft. Which kinda clogs the whole thing up for bliz compared to if they focused on a couple of things.

Daver2440d ago

What is left in Diablo 3 loll? I think you will choose a character and you will walk on a black screen.

Gran Touring2440d ago

I've really been looking forward to this game, probably more than any other I can think of. But some of the development decisions made have really been questionable, and I have a strong hunch it's from a certain partner company...

syrinx2440d ago

I don't think Activsion are the problem, I think it's the Blizzard management following the success of WoW.

NeoTribe2440d ago

I wish they would toss there new pvp arena crap out the window and just go back to the roots of being able to hostile a player at will as long as there lvl 9. Having to schedule a arena battle is just stupid imo.