Rumor: SCEA Developers, Guerrilla Games Working on PS4 Titles

New job listings suggest that at least some of Sony's first party studios are already working on the PlayStation 4, including Guerrilla Games. - PSLS

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Abash2440d ago

Damn cant wait for Killzone 4

doctorstrange2440d ago

Yeah, whatever people say about KZ's gameplay, it looks damn good. On PS4... it'll be eye watering.

C_Menz2440d ago

I agree. But I really wish that they would improve the story and depth a bit. Killzone has such a good setting and lore to build on(one reason I loved the original Killzone on ps2).

Killzone 3 improved that aspect slightly but still should keep expanding on the story and back story more.

ShoryukenII2440d ago

I really hope that it is more like Killzone 2. The only thing that stayed great in Killzone 3 was the music.

Killzone has a lot of potential to have a fantastic story. They just have horrible writers. I think they should kidnap a few guys from Quantic Dream, Sucker Punch and Naughty Dog. Guerilla Games is pathetic compared to them (storywise).

dbjj120882440d ago

Target render videos galore!!

TeaDouble_E2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Just like this one eh

Virtual_Reality2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Hmm, not really a surprise, but good to know. Sony can be ready for a good line up of games when PS4 comes out.

DarkBlood2440d ago

for some reason i read *4 ps4 games* just from reading ps4 games lol

LOL_WUT2440d ago

I wonder how the story will continue did Visari really die? Anyways i cant wait i'm sure GG wont disappoint.

negroguy2440d ago

I wouldn't mind a twist and playing in the helghast point of view.

SonyStyled2440d ago

well regarding visari, in the intro video to killzone 2 visari has green eyes. when rico lights him up in the end of killzone 2, he has brown eyes. i believe rico killed a look alike. if youve beaten kz3, im sure you are familiar with the quote "welcome home sir"

DeadlyFire2440d ago

he does have a son though.

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The story is too old to be commented.