Best Buy Canada March Online Only Sale Gives You 16 Hours Of Savings

Starting right now and going until 10am EST on Saturday morning, Best Buy Canada is holding their March Online Only sale. As the name suggests, they will be cutting the price of a lot of different products on their website.

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Rageanitus2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

shadow of collusus & ico, uncharted 1/2, resistance 1/2, god of war origins

Buy 2 PS3 Dual Packs and save $20. on top of the
10% = $54 before taxes \

Plus good time to preorder games 10% plus the 800 BB reward zone points = $10 coupon

TrendyGamers2415d ago

I noticed Ghost Recon 3DS was $14.99 used. Is it worth picking up?