Tech Mit Review - Mass Effect 3: More shooter than story

Tech Mit: The biggest downside is that the RPG elements are more scaled-down than ever — this game is a shooter through and through. It’s a shooter with a story to tell, however, one where your actions make a real difference as to the final outcome. So it still has some of that character-driven role-playing that made the rest of the series so good. The side quests also aren’t as inspired as those of Mass Effect 2. However, once this game gets rolling, it is hardly a disappointment.

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Skate-AK2440d ago

Wtf is that Dragon Age in the pic?

vortis2440d ago

I was just about to ask the same thing.

Looks like they're about to get it on or something....the loin-cloths are what threw me.

PersonaCat2440d ago

I thought the same thing, but I think it's Skyrim. Thats the dark elf lady from Whiterun

MadMax2440d ago

Good, im glad its been scaled down. Needs to be more like Vanquish, that game was awesome!

ufo8mycat2440d ago

People need to stop looking at the ME series as an RPG.

It was NEVER an RPG

It IS a TPS with RPG ELEMENTS. (keyword : elements)

Some people are disappointed at ME because they are comparing it to the wrong genre

This game absolutely shines it what it is.