Fez Creator Says People Have Gotten His "Japanese Games Suck" Comment All Wrong

Kotaku's Evan Narcisse writes, "Phil Fish doesn't want to talk about Japanese games anymore. Like, really. The Fez creator's been smothered by haters after his controversial remarks earlier this week. But he does want to set the record straight on some things."

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smashcrashbash2417d ago

Sure, now that you put your foot in your mouth and people realize what an @$$ you are NOW you try to pretend you were calm and composed and you meant this and not that. Try doing that in real life

'Your mother is ugly!'
And while the person is stomping your head into the ground you say:
'I just meant her makeup was ugly not her face. I don't know why you are angry.'

Not to mention that there are lots of modern Japanese games that are very enjoyable.

soundslike2416d ago

Just because one person thinks they are great doesn't mean another person can't think they suck...

Its called an OPINION.

despair2416d ago

Except the manner in which he expressed his opinion was very disrespectful and unprofessional. He blatantly insulted an entire nation basically and then went on twitter and made things worse. You think he doesn't deserve to be criticized after that?.

GraveLord2417d ago

Guy already got what he wanted, publicity.
Everything went according to plan.

DarkZane2416d ago

No offense, but a comment like that coming from a guy who developped a game that is as horrible as Fez should never even be considered as valid.

metsgaming2416d ago

I never even heard of fez is it a lame casual phone game? These ppl have been talking trash about real games lately so i wouldnt be suprised if true. I really dont care enough to look it up either way lol

metsgaming2416d ago

He obviously never played vanquish

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The story is too old to be commented.