Achievements: The Future Of Gaming, or the End Of An Era.

The Achievement system incorporated by Microsoft (and soon to be emulated in some shape or form by Sony) is quite simple in its implementation. The human desire for collecting is satisfied with players rewarded with unlockable icons and a progressive points structure, added incentive for completing designated tasks. So what's wrong with these little enticements?

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Blademask4041d ago


You guys are going to need all the rumors and meaningless stories to get you by 08.

Doesn't make UT3 come out any sooner.

v1c1ous4041d ago

you too busy [email protected] or setting up servers with PS3s to play games?

IHATEGOD4041d ago

UT3 isn't a system seller, its just another FPS. If you look at the 360 it already has alot better FPS's than UT3. I have yet to meet anyone on live who can't wait for UT3, its a joke. By the way UT3 isn't selling good for the POS3 anyways.

ThisIsWaiting4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

and I bought it for the PS3 ... and I'm dissappointed. I also played the demo on the PC and was dissappointed. Its just UT2K4 when it should have been much much more. They brought nothing new to the table in terms of its game play.

Its sad but it really is mediocre at best.

FCOLitsjustagame4041d ago

I was very interested in UT3...however the lack of any significant single player has greatly muted my interest. I am not even sure its a bargin bin buy for me anymore.

Blademask4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

v1c1ous I'm actually in the middle of quite a few games on the ps3

Uncharted - Getting all the treasures/unlockable game modes.
Assassins Creed - meh its on the bottom of my 'to finish list'
Ratchet and Clank - No where near done with this game
Call of Duty 4 - Still enjoying multiplayer
UT3 - Still Enjoying multiplayer & getting content together along side my PC version.
Folklore - silly ass game, but I enjoy it.
High Velocity Bowling - There for when I want to have my big lebowski moments.
Warhawk - Updated with a dropship and a new huge ass map.
Guitar Hero 3- Still cant f`ing beat this game.

Now I'm not sure how much $ all those games equal. But its a lot for 3 months. In the downtime my PS3 does FOLD at home, (As if thats a bad thin right?) I leave my PS3 on 24/7 and only restart if I need to clean.

Outside of just a few, these are recent PS3 releases from what? 3 months ago?

I'll be adding DMC4 to the recent list too.

Truth be told, the last "figures" that came out had the PS3 selling just shy of 1 million units LESS SOFTWARE than the 360. Which is pretty amazing due to the fact that the 360 has a huge user base + achievements that get everyone playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to get 1000pts.

UT3 is an amazing game. I don't care how many it sells, there is a huge online community which I am participating in to make maps and total conversion mods just like we did with 2K4. And I'm really looking forward to Epic getting its patches together for UnrealEd.

My ego isn't invested into microsofts pockets, sony's, or any video-game-manufacturer. I wanted a 360, so I bought one. Just as I wanted the PS3, so I bought one.

I take it you guys are the typical poor ass xbots though who could only get enough money together for a 360 and your SD tv. So you curse all thats outside of the gates of your trailer park. Thank god you guys aren't gamers.

I go where the best games are. Not where the best HYPE is. Right now, the ps3 cleaned up its act, and is producing some damn fine technologically amazing titles that are second to none. They are worth my hours of entertainment. Not watching loading hallways. MS is going to have to perform a miracle in 08 to keep real gamers interested in their system which frankly, cant match the PS3 right now.

Its 7am, and I'm waiting to give someone a ride to the airport.

edit @ unreal hate:

Oh god Stfu about its SINGLE PLAYER. Unreal is about Multiplayer. Its just like Halo3's. Its in there just to kill time until you feel like fragging the hell out of people.

FCOLitsjustagame4041d ago

Single player is important to me. Halo3 actually had quite an entertaining single player game. Sure the games focus was on Multiplayer but they did not simply forget about single player the way UT3 has... or for that matter Battlefield (for a 360 example if you think I am only picking on UT3 because its on the PS3). If the game doesnt have anykind of significant single palyer its not a game I have an interest in playing. I would assume there are other people that agree with this stance as the crp you have to put up with to play online simply makes many games not fun.

THAMMER14041d ago

I have noticed your trolling has earned you some bubbles. Good for you.

NOW what was this rant about? Are you trying to say that the 360 is lame and 2008 there will be total domination by the PS3? If so you could have just taken the route of the less expressive fan boys on this site.

The use of the term XBOT revokes any creditability of your posts.

Blademask4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Don't buy this one if you want a good SP experience. Single player mode is basically you playing with Bots, and cut scenes in between maps. They really tried to explain why you respawn, and need to take out the cores or control points.. but It just leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. Unreal is a game for Unreal fans, I don't think they spent too much making it, and its not really for everyone. Best new single player out..


there are more, but those are my favs.


EH, If you read.. or even skimmed. You'd see that I responded to the "folding at home" comment, and the other one about figures. Also mentioned that I bought a 360 because I wanted one, just as I did the ps3. PC is a necessity, but I can write the videocards off :)

The PS3 has turned its act around in the past 3 months with a great game list. The only system that will dominate in 08 will be the wii/ds. I can use xbot/ps3girl/zealots whenever i want.


DONT BUY UT3 seriously.. rent it first.

MikeGdaGod4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

you're kinda right, i'm really more of a single player person too and that's the only reason i haven't gotten UT3 yet. also i'm not really big on FPS anyway.

i have CoD4 and it has great multiplayer modes but when i play i only play in the story mode. i hate playing FPS online cus i never last long at all. always getting shot up ;(

i might get UT3, i might not. it lacking a good single player mode is really the only thing that has me on the fence. cus even though i don't like FPS much, Resistance was my first PS3 game and i bought CoD4 on the first day, both have great single player modes.

EDIT: yeah i might just rent it to see for myself. but it'll have to wait. i'm headed to Orlando today with my girl for a week and i promised i'd leave the PS3 at g mistake.

i'll holla at you guys later. and remember.............DON'T FEED THE TROLLS!!!

aba4040d ago

You'd know that if you read it douchebag.

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Ri0tSquad4041d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

But at the end of the day it really comes down to who does it better.

If M$ does it better who cares. Motion censoring is better on the Wii then PS3 so it wouldn't be the first time somone made it better.

I don't know where your trying to go with this but yeah what ever.

InMyOpinion4041d ago

So if MS does motion sensing better than Sony it's ok with you?

v1c1ous4041d ago

if you don't want to do an achievement, you don't do it.

if i beat a game, more than likely i won't play it much, or might concentrate on the online aspect and avoid the offline aspect. achievements give an incentive to try both.

they sometimes give you a new perspective, such as trying ti beat the game a different way.

look at the gnome achievement in the orange box. you have to carry a gnome a looooooooooong way with you in half-life. that was fun, and i never would have thought about it on my own.

if i wanted to, i could have even skipped the achievement and nothing of value would have been lost.

achievements were a genius addition to the next-gen, so microsoft/sony now have an advantage when it comes to gamer satisfaction.

ThaGeNeCySt4041d ago

agreed... because of achievements, I find myself trying to do certain tasks in games I wouldn't normally do in other situations. Hats off to Microsoft, it gives a lot of people incentives to go back and play games... heck, it made me go back and play GRAW 2 on the hardest difficulty.. I'm having fun + gs score is rising (slowly but surely lol)

FCOLitsjustagame4041d ago

Yep, because of achievements I now go back and play games I like on the hardest difficulty and try to get any achievements I can. Heck I played Mass Effect 4 times just to get to 1000. It was a joy I would not have considered if there had not been the achievement\goals out there for me to shoot for. And when I dont like a game, the achievements do not compel me to finish playing it, nor do I bother with achievements (such as the multiplayer ones) that I have zero interest in.

nupes984041d ago

I totally agree with FCOLitsjustagame. They do add incentive when I like a game and help me get the most out of it, but if I am not emjoying it, I will not play just for the achievements.

Laexerias4041d ago

"Killing 20 People"
"Killing 40 People"
"Killing 90 People"
"Killing 50 People with a Headshot"
"Killing 1 Innocent Person"
"Killing 2000 Innocent People"
"Play this game more then 20h, what a loser"
"Even playing this game after 40h, DUDE ITS A EGOSHOOTER"

IHATEGOD4041d ago

And your on here bad mouthing achievements cause? Oh you have the POS3, don't worry Sony is going to steal the idea cause the market research says 360 fans are having a better gaming experience with the same game as PS3 fans. Yes some games have the same achievements but not everyone.

gta_cb4041d ago

yeah you are right some games have the same old kill 100 people blah blah blah, but even with the games that ONLY have these achievements it good to show your friends that you are good with that type of weapon, you use different things in the game and find your better with a different weapon and in the end makes the game more fun.

an example is Gears of War, i have had it since Jan and have had 1200/1250 achievement points since about June. but i cant be bothered to play ranked because of the no invites and not always seeing your mates games. but still i went online last night and joined my mates game and had a great time because we have learnt how to work really well as a team, letting each of us go for the weapons we know we are best with, or obviously if we are against noobs then just have fun smoke tagging them ;) lol anyway i love the achievement system and a good game for random achievements is Crackdown :) go have a look.

Cyan83134041d ago

As in working a game instead of playing it. When you find yourself grinding or picking flags in Assassin's Creed it's all the same. I have changed the way I play games since I quit WoW.
If it ain't fun - Turn it off.

Achivements play to the OCD/addictive personalities. And it will imho destroy the playthrough for the achivement hunters. If they read a walkthrough to get the moast achivements on the first playthrough without experiencing the game as it was meant first.

Gish4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

I am also an ex-WOWer. After days, yes days, of time spent grinding, running the same instances over and over, and other mundane tasks just to raise my characters level's and gear, I said to myself, "why the hell am i paying them 15 bucks a month to take my time away doing things that arent fun?? I cancelled my account (70 orc warlock) and moved on.

On the other hand, I am one of those that enjoys completing tasks and "collecting" I own a PS3 and always thought the xbox's achievement system would be a blast. There are a few games on the PS3 that take advantage of stats and achievements, Warhawk being one of them. And stat padders are renowned for cheating the system to get their upgrades. Although admittedly Incognito did make it so that you will be spending a TON of time before making it to General. Anyway, I figure that the main goal is to have fun. As long as it doesn't mean crappy games, then I am all for the achievements. When it starts bring cooperation and a game down, then it has over reached its intent.

Edit: Come to think of it this site is much the same! BUBBLES BUBBLES BUBBLES!!!

InMyOpinion4041d ago

When I play games on the 360 I usually only do the achievements I find enjoyable. If they are too hard or just boring I skip them. I'm not affected by OCD and I don't agree that achievements play to people with psychological disorders.

It's fun to compare games with your friends and see if you got the same achievements as them, but does that have to mean that you suffer from OCD? Nah.

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