Reaction Time - Journey Review

As Journey opens, a traveler with no identity wearing flowing robes is dropped into the desert. Far in the distance is a mountain with a cleft down the middle and light flowing out. The traveler begins walking. If this premise sounds basic, you may be correct, but thatgamecompany’s Journey is a master class in how to turn a simple premise into a stunningly great and absolutely essential downloadable game, proving to be more rewarding than packaged games costing four times as much.

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Jourdy2882416d ago

Wow. This makes me wish I had a PS3.

Canary2416d ago

It's 2012. What's your excuse?

DoublePlusGoodGames2416d ago

No spoilers here, but I will say that at the start of the fourth level I was absolutely dumbstruck by both the simplicity and attention to detail. That description almost seems like a oxymoron, but it's absolutely why this game is magical.