Halo 4 "perks": five ways they could actually work

If there's one thing this week has proved, it's that everything changes. Fable is now a ludicrously cuddly four-player co-op adventure for Xbox Live Arcade. Forza Horizon appears to be a pitch to the festival crowd, rather than automobile anoraks. Peter Molyneux has announced his departure from Lionhead and Microsoft. And Halo 4? For all its Spartan armour, Warthogs and Battle Rifles, 343's long-unseen project isn't the same 30 seconds of fun. Combat is "faster, visceral and more intense", there's a brand new enemy on the way, and the HUD has been upgraded to provide a constant flow of match data.

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ninjahunter2415d ago

I would like it to be a bunch of really small upgrades. Like 7 different perks, but each only makes a 5% difference.
Like, +5% movement speed x3 then +5% power duration(cloak, armor lock) x4.
In a system like this you could potentially have a benefit in the fields you focus on, but it wouldnt be enough to destroy players who are better than you.

m232415d ago

If they keep armor lock in the game, there will be huge backlash from the Halo community. I think they would be wise to not include it in the game.

SignifiedSix2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

I agree, but its pretty easy to destroy those who use it. They go in, you wait a bit, then throw a sticky right beside their feet. Gets em all the time ;)

I'm kinda thinking all this is going to do with all your armor upgrades. Like, maybe the heavier your armor, the more damage you can take and slower you are. I think that would be kind of cool. Like having heavies.
Same with light armor. You'll be faster and also die a little faster. But that speed would be great enough to counter others.

All in all, this game is going to be amazing either way!

Jesseas1152415d ago

I don't think that these 'perks' are perks in a traditional sense. I think they are going to change gameplay but not necessarily for or against you or other players.

so maybe there could be this one 'perk' that widens your field of vision so you can see people before other people can.

bozebo2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

I kind of trust them to do it right.

If the Halo series does end up being butchered though at least it won't be due to yearly release laziness :P

I hope 4 is good, won't be the end of the world if it sucks though but it would be funny to see MS squeal.