Unreal Tournament 3 reviewed at Justpressplay.net and recieves and 8.9/10

Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3 turns out to be a really entertaining game.

Taken from the review:

In this game the man with the fastest thumbs is king. It's a blast to kill and getting killed isn't too much of a hassle because you can respawn instantly. If you own a PS 3 and complain about the supposed lack of online games then you owe it to yourself to pick up the game. There's also support for mouse and keyboard and since that would be awkward because I play games in my bed, but if you can do it then do it. If you can't then make sure you filter that out of your server preferences. So go out, buy this game and own.

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DEADEND5990d ago

I was just playing this online a little while ago and I have to say it is a great game. UT3 is a hardcore FPS for true hardcore gamers, it has no aiming assistance what so ever and it is so fast pace it's hard to keep up with what is going on. It's the type of game you have to dedicate your self to in order to get really good at but it is worth the time. I recommend this game to every PS3 owner, you just have to go out and get this game.

damnwrx5990d ago

Hells yeah, it's an awesome game (fun).....

Baba19065990d ago

i wish it came out in europe........ i really want this.

Rice5989d ago

Its so good! I love the Flak cannon

TUFFnNYC5989d ago

8.9!!!??? God! Might as well make it a solid 9.0! Game is really fun though.

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Tech Focus - Motion Blur: Is It Good For Gaming Graphics?

Opinion is divided on this one for sure! Is motion blur good for gaming? Why do developers include it?

TheOptimist2158d ago

I hate any game that has motion blur and the first thing I do is switch off the motion blur in games. It just makes me nauseous.

XentaJones2157d ago

motion blur makes me sick... so its off.

OpenGL2157d ago

I agree with Alex here, many implementations are terrible but when it is done right it improves the experience.

2157d ago
TheSplooge2157d ago

I always turn it off. Along with depth of field.

Mr_Wilson2157d ago

Those plus vignetting, chromatic aberration, and film grain.