Sony allies with Samsung on future LCD production

While Sony and Samsung already have a joint-production agreement in place, the two companies are apparently interested in expanding their alliance to include other firms. Neither Sony nor Samsung has given any concrete guidance on when they might include another partner, but Sony's president, Ryoji Chubachi, believes that future demand for LCD televisions could outstrip even the combined production capability of the two companies....

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Guwapo774038d ago

What they really need is a combined effort on OLED. Combine their heads and figure out how to increase the longevity of the technology. Also, step up production efforts of this new outstanding tech. LCD's still have alot of life left in it...but OLED is where we wanna be in the future.

socomnick4038d ago

Tanrod as a proud owner of a samsung hdtv I have to correct you
Samsung > sony

skitzoid4038d ago

name me one Samsung HDTV that is better than a Sony equivalent.. I own numerous HDTV's 2 of them are Samsungs and 1 one is a Sony HDTV (all 1080p).

The only area Samsung is better than Sony is plasma. Sony no longer makes a plasma set. Go to any HT site and read the reviews both professional and consumer and then come back here and tell us exactly which Samsung is better than a Sony equivalent.

FirstknighT4038d ago

Samsung 71 & 81 series easily beats out any Sony LCD.

skitzoid4038d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

I could go on for hours about how wrong you are but since you mentioned the Samsung LNT**71f as better than anything Sony I feel it would fall of deaf ears and be a waste of time.

The Samsung LNT **71f has serious issues with the 120hz amp. I could link a ton of reviews and sites that talk about just how horrible the amp is (btw I had this set in my home for 3 week and took it back because of it's problems and it was ashame because the picture was gorgeous) but I don't want my post to be deleted and reported as spam.

The 81 is an excellent option, an extremely expensive one at that, but it doesn't have the same dynamic picture that both the XBR and 71f series does. In fact the only thing the 81f does better is motion blur (it's not a 120hz but it's arguably the best for motion blur on the market 2nd only to the Aquos) and contrast levels because of the LED engine it uses. Some say it is better than or equivalent to most plasma sets. But it is not rated higher than the Sony XBR 4 or 5 across the board and it's more expensive than both.

Actually it could be argued that it technically isn't an equivalent because it's LED and not a regular LCD panel. So for the first LED LCD to the market I guess you can say it's the best ;-)

BTW I also had the 81f in my home for a few weeks and took it back. It did an exceptional job with video games (in motion) but I personally didn't care for the picture quality vs other LCD sets.

Actually my favorite gaming set is a 1080p Samsung DLP. Not because of it's picture quality but because of how well it performs with video games. BTW sony makes an RPTV that actually is rated higher and has better picture clarity than my Samsumg DLP but I couldn't pass up the Sammy because of the amazing deal I got on it and I love the punch of the image.

If you prefer Samsung than more power to you. Your opinion is the only one that matters when it's your cash paying for the set but the Samsung's you mentioned are not rated higher than the top of the line Sony so my original point stands. "No Samsung is rated higher than a Sony equivalent".

Personally I don't even know why we are debating this. Sony and Samsung joining forces is nothing but a good thing for consumers.

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WilliamRLBaker4038d ago

Sony camp: oh my god they releases a 32 inch OLED? GET them on the phone create partnership because every one knows alone we cannot innovate ANY THING.

Daishi4038d ago

Samsung have always made the best TVs and now with Sony manufacturing prowess you can get the best cheaper. I'm curious of how other manufacturers are taking the news?

Bladestar4038d ago

ohh crap... not that.. my favorite TVs were samsung.... I guess I am going to have to stick to Panasonic now... Samsung will probably follow Sony's price model and become very expensive. So much for competition is good for the consumer...

Bnet3434038d ago

since Samsung makes THE best TV's, but hopefully this will go well for both companies.

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