Blizzard's Latest Attempt to Lure Back WoW Subscribers Reeks of Desperation

World of Warcraft has been bleeding subscribers since shortly after the release of Cataclysm in December 2010, repeating a pattern we've seen time and again where subscriptions spike when a new expansion comes along and then slowly fade until the next one hits.

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Blader232415d ago

i used to play WoW and i liked it.
But it got to the point were it gets realy repetitive and soon becomes boring.

Also I lost track of time.

After quitting i got my self a ps3 and i got a library of games with great graphics and awesome story line which keeps me entertained.

Now Dont get me wrong I respect the PC of course, after all without the PC there is no console games, right?

anyway the whole WoW plot gets really old, i think they should build something completely new.
New "story" and the game should be based in a new age.

And seriously the graphics and animation... are you kidding me? this game is on the PC and it cant offer outstanding? graphics?

I think Blizzard and Activision want our wallets without them spending a dime to extend our game experience
(Activision - COD? 1 year development? wtf is up with that?)

STK0262415d ago

To be fair, Call of Duty games have a 2 years develoment cycle. As for WoW's graphics, the game came out in 2004, and it does look much better than it did back then. But uppung the graphics too much would likely alienate a sizeable portion of WoW players since many players I know have PCs that can run WoW on low-medium only. And quite franly, WoW has no real competition, most MMOs that have been released in the last couple of years either lacked content (as in they relied too much on grinding and offered little to no end game content) or were plagued by bugs and unstable servers.

And saying it's on PC and can't offer outstanding graphics is something that can be said about most MMOs after a couple of year on the market; as you can't expect developers to re-build a whole new engine from the ground up, all they usually do are small updates to the engine throughout the life of their game.

Blader232414d ago

Agreed to what you said mate.
I used to play it on a low spec PC too.

I just don't feel WoW has to offer anything else at the moment (at least something that can get me back to play it).
Dont get me wrong it is a good game overall.

Now for COD yes 2 years since treyarch and Infinity ward develop it.
They use the same engine since 2006 and they only recently announced that they are going to upgrade it... the difference between MW2 and MW3 is just sickening..

FlashXIII2415d ago

Maybe if they didn't dumb the game down so much, maybe they wouldn't need to go to such acts to lure people back.