Deep Black: Reloaded suffers from framerate skips, developers will fix it in the coming days

DSOGaming writes: "A lot of PC gamers have been reporting some framerate issues with Biart Studios’ latest underwater third person shooter, Deep Black: Reloaded. To be honest, we didn’t notice any issues at all but that was because Deep Black could not connect to the Internet. When we enabled its launcher to connect, it downloaded a small update for it. Although we don’t have any release notes for that day-1 patch, we know that it introduces the framerate issue that all other PC gamers have been reporting these past days."

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ninjahunter2465d ago

Just out of curiosity does anyone know what causes these frame skipping issues? Every few years a PC game comes out with frame skipping problems.
The only reason i can think of is to keep gameplay at a smooth speed at a variable FPS, but it seems like so many games get around this without frame skipping issues.

john22465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Frame skipping is not the same with locking the framerate to 30s like most console games do. Don't know about the other games, but in this case it was an error on the game's renderer (as it was working fine without its day-1 patch)