New Street Fighter IV Video


Another Street Fighter IV vid I found on the net, the other one is from Youtube.

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ErcsYou4339d ago

Great video...i was groing tired of watching that 1up show over and over annd over just to see the SFIV gameplay clips.....Im definetly going to hit up the arcades once this releases..

JsonHenry4339d ago

This game looks like it is going to be amazing!

zigzag4339d ago

the graphics kinda suck but the gameplay looks great

TrevorPhillips4339d ago

game comes out q1 2009 and imagine the graphics till then when it finishes =]

dachiefsman4339d ago

I have a hard time believing anything coming from a person named "EA expert"!

Can you please tell me why EA has the sh1ttiest servers on the planet?

picker3324339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

I think the graphic will not improve that much when it's released,but the gameplay maby?.
But like everybody have said,it really look's ugly,but the gameplay look's kind of cool...Maby?
PS:Is it only for me that the vid is laggy?

Anego Montoya FTMFW4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

this game looks great.

and it`s exactly what people wanted, the same as Sf2

and NO HUD is great.

fighting games w/ no hud are always good.


if this games UGLY.


Skerj4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

We're not jaded, it's just not what we were expecting for something as monumental as StreetFighter IV. I've been playing SF very regularly for the past hell like 15 years, so when they announced SFIV man it was like one of the greatest things ever to my friends and I. Then we see what looks like SFEX4, and our hopes of what could have been are completely dashed.

The game looks. ..interesting but to be honest the graphics remind me of a beefed up Powerstone with SF chars. Many of us were expecting higher than high res 2D with animation that makes 3rd Strike look like Karate Champ. But alas we're given this. Hell I'd have been happy enough if it stuck to the graphic style of the first PoC announcement trailer, the art direction in that kicked so much ass. Maybe a lot of people didn't play the EX series (they had good reasons not to) so they can't see why this could be detrimental.

I'll be picking it up anyway because I'm a Streetfighter fan to the death, but with every update I'm growing more and more apprehensive about the release. Who knows though I could be totally wrong in the end and I truly hope I am. It's only 3% done so they could slap in some more NPR shaders to get that style of the first trailer. I'm sure the gameplay looks slow because of the video isn't running at 60fps. I also don't wish to see EVERYONE'S stages who are returning from SFII redone in 3D, it's time for new stages dammit. Hideki Okugawa should be doing the music again, he rocked the last few games.

As long as it retains that fast kinetic feel of SFII, Super Turbo, SFA2, 2nd Impact, and 3rd Strike I'll play on until StreetFighter V (hopefully 2d). I just don't want to see EX again, attached the video so you can see where I'm coming from. It was cool for the first few hours but it didn't have staying power.

killax35634339d ago

Replace 'we' with 'I'. You don't speak for any group of gamers.

Skerj4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

How do you know that? Are you spying on us?

killax35634339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

who's 'us'? clarify yourself negro.

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The story is too old to be commented.