BioWare “Truly Humbled” by Overwhelming Positive Feedback on Mass Effect 3

While there wasn’t much of a doubt in anyone’s mind that BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 would do well, the ridiculous level of hype and high expectations for the game definitely made the launch a nerve-wracking experience for the development team. Now that the game is finally out in the hands of the public, BioWare can rest satisfied in a job well done.

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TheHater2510d ago

Dear Bioware,
Please STFU. Mass Effect 3 can't hold a candle to the Baldur's Gate games. Enough with the PR bullshit.

360GamerFG2510d ago

Here I was thinking yours was one of those ironic nicknames.

sonicsidewinder2509d ago

You're a brave guy heading the comments with that.

I applaud your truth and valour.

TheHater2509d ago

Just speaking my honest opinion on the matter. Don't care if other agree or disagree.

Summons752510d ago

outside of reviewers who are paid to review....all I have seen is negative comments, and after playing myself I can not believe that I paid for such crap.

Captain Qwark 92510d ago

yeah you two are delusional, ME3 is amazing.

Neckbear2510d ago



Summons752509d ago

yeah, heaven forbid I play the game from launch and deeply enjoyed bioware games since Baulder's Gate and Never WInter NIghts. poor troll, get out

Blacktric2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Yeah. All of those 9's and 10's are actually awarded because EA paid for all those reviewers. We're not talking about 5 or 10. We're talking about like 50-80 reviews. And they're all bribed reviews right? Pff. Get a life instead of desperately trying to trash Mass Effect 3. If you didn't like the game for some reason just say why instead of keep repeating the crap we've been hearing since game came out. OMG it haz terrible endingz, there's a cheesy scene in it, lipsync is non existent, choices don't matter, bla bla bla. And nearly all the time, it's the people who joined N4G between 1 to 40 days ago who complains about ME 3 using the same arguments all the time...

Summons752509d ago

did you ever thing....there is this magical thing called a job, and it gives you something called money. In these jobs you have to make your bosses happy so if they tell you to give this a ten out of ten or what ever then you do it. You are a simple minded fool who closes there mind to anything that is the truth.

tigertron2510d ago

I've heard alot of negative feedback, but so far the only negative feedback I'm going to give is the occasional frame rate drop and bugs, the auto dialogue and no Mako exploration.

Other than that this is brilliant.

MrMister2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I was a fanboy of Bioware (and yes, even EA and their other affiliates like DICE). Now I'VE been HUMBLED by bullsh*t DLC, Day one glitches and craptastic online passes (which I used to believe were invented to support developers, but were twisted to allow them to release unfinished games that are useless if you try to sell them back used to others due to the passcode). Never again.

And P.S = (You can shove your menial DLC up your *** too, Capcom & Activision)

Let the Steambox deliver us all from the evils that have bestowed our generation...

ginsunuva2510d ago

Who's? Those "purfessional critiks"? Their opinion means nothing.

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The story is too old to be commented.