New Splinter Cell Being Developed at Ubi Toronto

During a GDC Game Dev Rant Panel, Jade Raymond, Ubisoft Toronto General Manager, has announced the studio's first game - a new Splinter Cell. - GR

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decimalator2440d ago

Yeah, but will it be another Xbox exclusive?

ardivt2440d ago

I hope not! I also don't understand why conviction was xbox exclusive. there's no proper reason for that or is there?

SaffronCurse2440d ago

Whatever, the game wasn't very good imo. But i do agree it should have been released on all platforms.

Zachmo1822440d ago

Well Splinter Cell did start its life as an xbox exclusive.

StraightPath2440d ago

ms e3 announcment new spinter cell exclusive to xbox 360 again?

Kingscorpion19812440d ago

As long as it comes out for PC I'm good since I have a new 7850 Graphics card in my PC :)

Virtual_Reality2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

What Exclusive? SC: Conviction was Multiplatform (PC and Xbox 360).

The definition of the word Exclusive, means for 1 platform.

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NYC_Gamer2440d ago

Hope its a real SC game and nothing like conviction

dbjj120882440d ago

I actually liked Conviction so I'm excited to hear this.

BattleTorn2440d ago

I really liked it too. I wasn't a very conventional Splinter Cell. (although I never played Double Agent)

I think it revived my love for Splinter Cell.

ftwrthtx2440d ago

Sweet. I hope they do a great job.

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The story is too old to be commented.