DS overtakes PS2 lifetime sales in Japan

DS Fanboy writes: Over the past few months, we've all grown used to digesting statistics and factoids that sum up the DS's dominance in Japan. That's not to say we've grown tired of them, however, so here's another pretty sweet stat: over the holiday period, the DS whooshed effortlessly past the lifetime sales of Sony's PlayStation 2.

That's according to Japanese sales tracker Media Create, which got its abacus out to calculate that the DS has now shifted 20,954,157 units, compared to 20,901,468 PS2s. What's even more impressive is how quickly Nintendo's handheld has pulled off the feat -- let's not forget that Sony's console has been on the Japanese market for an extra four and a half years. A hearty "Congrats!" to you, Nintendo.

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pacman6154044d ago

i guess thats what happens when schools make the students get a ds for games like brain age and what not

Hitman_Legend4043d ago

I would never compare the sales of a console to a handheld, would you compare the sales of the N64 to the Game Boy Color, would you even think of them as direct competition, nope. Also if my memories serves me right the PS2 was around $300ish when it first came out because thats how much mine was, and the originial DS was $100 so we can all see the $200 difference but i may be wrong I'm not sure if the DS Lite is $100 or not but my point is that Consoles and handhelds are like apples and oranges.

felman874044d ago

45 mil in america and euro, it'll take the DS a while to beat those but it will eventually

The Dude4044d ago

The DS it prints money $$$$$$$$$$

Blitzed4044d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

I still just dont get it, I must be getting old. When it was first announced I lol and wondered what they were thinking. Shows what I know...

A few days ago in EB, I saw a employee desperately try to convince a mother to buy the DS over the PSP for her son, so people obviously like it here too.

Mr_Kuwabara4043d ago

I didn't "lol" on the DS when it first came out. Nintendo pretty much dominated the handheld market during that time (Although they have stiff competition this time around, they are still pretty much dominating anyways) so pretty much anything they would've pulled out was going to be succesful.

But I did "lol" on the Wii. Now that one has fooled us all.... lol.

bigshynepo4043d ago

Call me when it outsells PS2's 130 Million units worldwide.
Doesn't everyone have a DS in Japan by now? I mean, who are the poor kids who are just getting them? They must have been made fun of by EVERYONE.

Mr_Kuwabara4043d ago

But I'll sure as hell post the news story in a couple of years.

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The story is too old to be commented.