New Silent Hill: Downpour screens showcase creepy environments

A few more screenshots have been revealed for the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 survival-horror title from Konami Digital Entertainment, Silent Hill: Downpour.

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ritsuka6662439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Game will suck, sorry..

Maybe it will suck less. Silent Hill has been dead since Silent Hill 4 and no amount of gimmicks (rain instead of fog, OOOOH) or fancy boobie-glistening rendering can save this.

Son_Lee2439d ago

Don't judge it until you play it.

Silent Hill 4 was good, but the last great one was SH3. As a fan, I'm giving this game a chance. You should, too. Unless your concerns are legitimate, but if you call yourself a SH fan, you'd be willing to give it a try, too.

brettyd2439d ago

Im interested to see how this game turns out, it looks like it could be good but i get the feeling it will disappoint.

Ahasverus2439d ago

Word of mouth is pretty positive about this game. Day one.