Japanese PlayStation Store Kicks Every Other Store's Ass

A new batch of original PlayStation games has been added to the Japanese version of the PlayStation Store which features plenty of enviously available big names amid the Japan-only fare. The biggest PSone Classics to make their way to PSPs and PlayStation 3s are Biohazard 2 (aka Resident Evil 2) and Intelligent Qube, both of which would be welcome additions to the North American and European stores.

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Skerj4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

SCEA's screwing up on that PSOne -> PSP/PS3 thing. The Japanese store trounces it in games and I'm wondering why, they have mostly the same damn catalog. If the Square games are added that's instant sales, Vagrant Story seems like it was made for the PSP. The possibility of playing Xenogears and Chronotrigger on the go is the reason I rooted for the PSP since prelaunch, now that I've done both it's time to unleash the monkey on everyone else.

They should at least add 2-3 PSOne games to the store per week, it doesn't take that much time or effort to do so since I have a ton I've ripped for using with CFWs on PSP. Only reason I'm bringing it up because people who use CFWs on PSP are a minority compared to how many PSPs are in circulation, so wtf SCEA?

BrianC62344581d ago

Isn't it Square who is screwing up in the US? I don't think Sony can release third party games. And Resident Evil is a Capcom game. I hope Capcom doesn't screw us over like they have been. Release all the Resident Evil games on the PSP in the US already. Those games will work okay on the PSP since the controls aren't much anyway.

At least the US seems to get more than Europe. I wish we'd all get as much as Japan gets though.

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PikkonX4582d ago

I've been wondering what's taking SCEA so long as well. It's not like they have to deal with any manufacturing or anything. All they have to do is a simple upload to the network. Nintendo is doing a much better job with the Virtual Console and they're relatively new to doing things online.

GIJeff4581d ago

probably a lot of testing involved.

BrianC62344581d ago

Don't compare the PSP games and Nintendo's virtual console games. Those aren't on the DS, they're on the Wii. The Wii can run any old Nintendo game with a special controller. The PSP is a lot more complicated. Only certain games will work since there's only one stick and two shoulder buttons. Sony has to figure out how to make some games work. If the game is out in Japan though and was in the US then it should be released in the US for the PSP too. And Europe. Don't waste a lot of time on that. Just give it to us.

Anything but Cute4582d ago

of course it would be my console of choice. It would be everyones console of choice.

bruiser814582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

RE2 was not a ps1 exclusive it was also out on n64 its just no one seemed to care

BrianC62344581d ago

The PS3 has tons of exclusives. Sony has some of the best developers in the world making games for them. Ever hear of three companies called Insomniac Games, Naughty Dog and Polyphony Digital? I thought so.

Sam Fisher4581d ago

first off they r not the best devs in the world... 1 title... crash bandicoot..... wtf r u talking bout? if u said square soft (i no its square enix i just hate enix i dont include them) then i wouldnt type the message i would actually agree but plz 1 game doesnt make them the best... in order to do so ud have to have experience (i mean ALOT of exp), ill give credit to konami.. they do theyre part

Mr_Kuwabara4582d ago

IDK but last time I went to the Japanese PSN store, the only good thing was GT5 , the rest was poor little kids cartoon crap.

BrianC62344581d ago

Isn't that what Japanese gamers like though? As for GT5, that's enough.

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