Blue Dragon Incredible Trailer

Microsoft hopes that this one will change the tide of the console war in Japan and it looks like it might have that kind of power. With the original creator of Finfal Fantasy behind the wheel, what could go wrong right? Not much if this trailer is any indication.

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MoonDust5852d ago

The water and houses look amazing.

DreDawgg065852d ago

They sure do have a specific taste for games and I believe this should be exactly the kind of game their craving.

HaHa5852d ago

i sure hate saying this cuz i don't wanna be like those 360 fans, but i'm beginning to like the console :) it's not that bad

BIadestarX5852d ago

almost there ehh? The 360 has that effect. even the biggest Sony fan may turn to the dark side...

Aramis0015852d ago

Yea, like the psm editor...

BoneMagnus5851d ago

I wasn't really looking forward to this title - it looked kinda immature. However, I'm sold - so long as actual gameplay and production values live up to that trailer, but WOW, I guess I can get my Japan RPG fix on the 360 after all!

PS360PCROCKS5851d ago

Ok um...I'm floored by this...I honestly don't know how any self respecting adult could play this, it looks like a bad pokemon cartoon. Sorry not to be offensive to anyone if you like these, I am sure I like things you would go "wtf" but I watch that and just being an american adult male I just don't get it...I will say that the water and houses looked great and I do like the fact the game is very artistic it shows it takes talent to design this, which this designer most definetly has, just not my style, I go for more realism, only cartoony kinda games I play are sonic and ratchet and clank