Mass Effect 3 War Assets and Readiness Guide

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Software_Lover2415d ago

I can say that for certainty.........

After going back to the beginning and playing Mass Effect 1 all over again, then playing Mass Effect 2 all over again, then starting Mass Effect 3, that bioware should've kept the RPG aspects of Mass Effect 1 throughout the entire series.

It was f'n perfect. Sensors, chemical rounds, armor piercing rounds, accuracy enhancers, recoil dampers, etc. Why in the hell did they take it away? Plus the armor(suit) customizations. I just dont understand it. They could have made the interface a little better to navigate but they should've left the core concept there.

Deputydon2415d ago

When ME2 came out I would have laughed in your face, and probably even did back then. But these days, I completely agree. Mass Effect 1 still feels like it had by far the best storyline. You were actually searching for something and someone. Dragon Age Origins, ME2, and ME3, all have the same general story line, "gather these armies (individual recruits in me2), make them out their differences aside, and fight to end one large enemy." At least Mass effect 1 still got a great sequel. DA:O got DA2… yuck.