Gaming Gods: Shinji Mikami

Most will know the man solely for his hand in creating a pioneering game of the late 1990’s and won’t know of just how his ideas came to mind, how he created them, and just what he was doing before he became the ‘Gaming God’ we focus on today.

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5yN4MWQU4104d ago

Shinji Mikami is a master of gaming, that's for sure. We can attribute a lot of what we have to his work.

Rikitatsu4104d ago

It's a shame that nobodies like David Jaffe and Jade Raymond are more recognized than this great man.

I guess that's what you get for not being an attention whore.

from the beach4104d ago

And yet the creator of .. Pez? .. or whatever it's called, has the nerve to say modern Japanese games "suck"..