Journey Gets a Launch Trailer

The PS3 exclusive Journey is possibly one of the most anticipated PSN titles this year, and will finally be released on the 13th (while PlayStation Plus members can play it already). Today Sony Computer Entertainment released a launch trailer.

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turgore2441d ago

can someone please explain to me what this game is about ?

Frenza2441d ago

Play it and you will understand why there is so few details about the game. Amazing game btw.

NukaCola2441d ago

It's about the Journey dude. The discovery of it all. Play it, I promise you will love it. And if it helps, it's probably one of the highest rated independent games this generation.

brish2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

I haven't played it yet but I've been following the game for a while now.

The premise of the game is simple. You start off as a cloth thing and you see a mountain far off in the distance.

You are given no information about what you are, or what is at the mountain but it draws you to it. The game play consists of a journey to the mountain.

Part of the game play consists of exploring the environment and enjoying it. There are no guns, nothing to kill, and nothing to kill you. You are just in a world that is beautiful and worth experiencing.

Another part of the game play is as you explore you change. From the very limited game play that I saw it appears that you gain abilities which are used to help you on your journey to the mountain.

Here is a small sample of game play footage:

KiRBY30002441d ago

explaining would spoil it.

kza2441d ago

lol yh this game cant b described because its so Epic.

Oldman1002441d ago

The PLAY-STAY-SHUN at the end totally ruins the vibe. They should have kept it silent.