Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Vita confirmed for North America

Konami's North American division has announced plans for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on PS Vita.

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Redempteur2440d ago

not for vita..
The vita plans were confirmed yesterday.

ikkokucrisis2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Yay, Triple dip!

Lulz_Boat2440d ago

it was confirmed for PS Vita at the TGS.

MySwordIsHeavenly2440d ago

Little late for this, don't you think?

SaffronCurse2440d ago

it's never too late to experience these gems.

MySwordIsHeavenly2440d ago

I meant that the announcement is late. We already know that it's coming out for the Vita...


ThatEnglishDude2440d ago

Wouldn't the lack of the additional shoulder buttons make this an inferior version of the collection? Otherwise, brilliant!

a_bro2440d ago

thats what the read pad is there for silly...

rezzah2440d ago

Rear pad makes up for lack of R2, L2, R3, and L3. If you watched the video of someone playing BF3 on the Vita you will see how it works. And it works perfectly.

banner2440d ago

I want the vita but please dont start with all the rehashes of games..

dc12440d ago

There's more than enough "new" with more to yeah, bring on the collections!

banner2440d ago

Nah.. Give me the new and save the collections for later..

Thats part of the problem this gen, all these games have to be released around the same time.. If i had millions,ok... But im far from it..

Just like now i want ssx and me3 but dumb ass ea decides to release them damn near same time, like really..

blackbirdi2440d ago

no peace walker no buy >.<

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The story is too old to be commented.