GTA 5 at the end of a generation

InEnt writes: We know sacrifices are made at the end of a consoles generation, and some games release right before next-gen hardware that is known as the transition period, but would Rockstar really want this with Grand Theft Auto 5?

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danswayuk2416d ago

While I really want to play GTA 5 asap it would be silly to not launch at least a version on next-gen if they launch next year.

mabreu2416d ago

I remember GTA San Andreas came out 1 year before Xbox 360. I'm pretty sure Rockstar is fine with this release. You just want to have the next GTA to look amaze ballz. I would love that too but these games take years to make.

MrDead2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

aaah!............I was just typing that.

It was released June 2005 for the PC

This article is classic N4G void filler

CarlitoBrigante2416d ago

LOL GTA San Andreas sold more then 20 million on the PS2 alone. Nobody gave a flying ish about 360 releasing the year after San Andreas.

vsr2415d ago

Agreed Carlito Brigante

I think, Like last gen , GTA5 will be launched on PS3 & Wii U on first, Then will be released on xbox720 with updated graphics. Xbox360 not sure because it's going to end.

BattleTorn2416d ago

Woah! the disagrees are astonishing.

There's already been talk about a "next-gen" version that may make it's way onto the Wii U. (releasing this year)

It would only make sense that GTA V would not only have to be availible on the Xbox720 and PS4, but it would also make sense for those versions to have some sort of advantage, compared to a previous-generation copy.

DG902416d ago

It's going to sell whatever gen they release it on.. But i agree if the next gen launches next year.. which I doubt i think they could be announced 2014 release.

TextualBeef2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Dude how about you stop with those weird predictions..
The Wii-U is going to be released this year and seeing how it's stronger than both the PS3 and the Xbox, and the Xbox has little to no exclusives this year, Microsoft has to announce the 720 and release it by the end of THIS year. Sony will probably follow a year later since they have the Vita to focus on now..

The consoles will NOT be released in 2014 though no matter what happens.. The new Xbox is going to be announced at E3 2012 remember my words

GoldenGamer2416d ago

Yet earlier today there were articles up quoting Microsoft revealing games at E3 and Gamescom....

KwietStorm2416d ago

You're gonna tell him about predictions and then post THAT comment? Microsoft Is going to announce the next box and release it this year when its already March?

TextualBeef2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

@KwietStorm, yes.. They'll announce it in E3 just like they did with the Xbox360 and then released it in Novemeber.. Look it up

@DG90, stop being a smartass, you know I was only talking about the 2014 consoles launch

DG902416d ago

Erm.. ok sorry i didn't realise predicting that a GTA game will sell no matter what was such a weird prediction.. I guess you told me.

Hawkred632416d ago

Do you work for microsoft or sony? No. stop trying to pass your opinion off as a fact.

BattleTorn2416d ago

I'm with ya.

Durango (aka Xbox720) will be unvealed at E3 2012, without a doubt.

And will release between Nov.2012-Nov2013.

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Titanz2416d ago

Wii U edition (purchase).

DarkTower8052416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Which will be the gimped version. Do you really think Nintendo will allow hookers, strippers and cop killing on a Nintendo console?

Nintendo has made a huge effort to build a family friendly image, I don't see them throwing that away.

ThatArtGuy2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

BMX XXX for GameCube had full topless nudity.

dark-hollow2416d ago

How about madworld and no more heroes which is ten times more violent than gta.

torchic2416d ago

but Ninja Gaiden III will be on Wii U and that is probably in the top 10 most graphic games this generation. might as well throw GTA on there too

maniacmayhem2416d ago

I guess you never played the new House of the Dead for the Wii which if I'm not mistaken had the most F bombs said than any other game made.

Not to mention *spoiler alert*

The antagonist crawling into his own monster mother's vagina.
Yea the game is that f*ck*d up. You need to invest some more time in your big N research.

Braid2415d ago

They already did, look up "GTA Chinatown Wars" for DS.

Kos-Mos2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Hello chap. Wii`s got a lot of "adult" games. You can see it on the cover, an age rating. Whoever agreed with you must be pissed since Nintendo is pissing on ms and sony this generation.

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EliteDave932416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

I dont rly care.. Becuse i wont get next gen consoles until some good games that i want comes out for them.

danswayuk2416d ago

What about some amazing launch titles?

Pl4sm42415d ago

yeah ... im sold if theres some uncharted 4 or something sweet at launch

Awesome_Gamer2416d ago

I dont want GTA V to be a next-gen title... I want it this year

dan_chan892415d ago

Me too, I'm hoping it will be like San Andreas all over again.

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