Operation Rainfall Succeeds; Bravo Nintendo For Taking The JRPG Risk

"Thanks to the hard work and dedication of these fans, next month we’ll be getting the critically adored Xenoblade Chronicles, from Tetsuya Takahashi, the passionate creator of the Xenosaga series, and June will see the release of The Last Story, the latest from Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy and notably uncreative titler (not to mention longtime Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu, who was unceremoniously dumped from Final Fantasy XIII)." - Author

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2441d ago
Titanz2441d ago

Phase 2: We all have the buy the operation rainfall games for it to be considered a successful operation.

jtmgames2441d ago

It's still a very rare occurence for NA gamers to convince a Japanese publisher to actually risk financial loss to appease their fans. Here's hoping SEGA reconsiders and begins Shenmue III development soon. Yu Suzuki sure deserves it.

Spenok2440d ago

Agreed. EVERYONE BUY THESE GAMES!! I beg of you, as if these games dont sale Nintendo will laugh in our faces the next time we ask them to bring a game over.

Ilovetheps42441d ago

I can't wait to play these games. I love JRPG's and sadly there haven't been many good JRPG's this generation.

axisofweevils2441d ago

You have to remember that Nintendo only ended up releasing these games because an outside company stepped in.

Xenoblade got the help from GameStop
Pandora's Tower got the help from xSeed

catfrog2440d ago

i came to say the same thing, isnt xseed the publisher for the last story also?

it doesnt seem like nintendo is taking much of a risk here, seems like everyone else is taking that risk for them

Spenok2440d ago

Well then I thank those companies. They stepped in when Ninendo wouldn't. I just hope the crowd actually buys these games. I know I will be pushing every RPG Wii owning fan to buy them.

joethomma2439d ago

Hi, I wrote the article. The Last Story is indeed being published by XSEED. I've edited it to say so, and I feel stupid for the oversight :D

GameStop may have urged the release of Xenoblade, but they're just a retailer. Nintendo is still the publisher.