Does the Next Xbox Need a Disc Drive?

A little feature asking should MS go digital only with their next console.

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EVILDEAD3602418d ago

Yes..but if the discless drive is another SKU then so be it.
If it is the ONLY SKU then the 720 is in for a looong bumpy road to failure.


Abash2418d ago

More like they are laying out a red carpet to failure for the 720. There is no way inn hell Im re-buying all my 360 games to play them digital

Army_of_Darkness2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

that MS plans on releasing a discless 720 model for the non hardcore gamers that only want kinect crap and netflix, obviously for cheaper, but I don't see the point in that since blurays and smart tv's can stream Netflix and apps now.... but I'm guessing the price point might attract parents so who knows...
Then they have the more expensive model with a disc drive, HDD and all that good stuff for the serious gamers..

Just don't be a hardcore gamer thats broke or stingy! LOL!

okay, found the article:

Boody-Bandit2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

For me it's simple.
No disc drive, no purchase.
I am not buying games that have no trade in or resell value of any kind. Most people part with their games once they grow tired, complete or just need some additional funds to get new games or recoup some cash in general.

I'm not worried about it though because MS is anything but stupid and a move to digital only would be sub moronic.

kreate2418d ago

'MS is anything but stupid'

I agree :)

Mikhail2418d ago

Spot on, I cant do full digital since the broadband speeds in my country are not up to par. Well, this is still a rumor so there are more necessary information that is withheld (around 99% information).

JsonHenry2418d ago

This would be bad for console gamers. It would completely eliminate used games.

brettyd2418d ago

Well yea...that's kinda the point..

Hanif-8762418d ago

It could be the next Microsoft or Sony console.. it doesn't matter, if it doesn't have a disc drive then its a no no because digital distribution only for me doesn't work.

Livin_in_a_box2418d ago

I think the PSP Go has at least shown Sony that the market isn't yet ready for an online-only distribution service. If they decide to have another stab at it (or anyone, for that matter) as the only SKU available on a home console then it would be a very bad move.

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BattleTorn2418d ago

I don't really think it does. I'm just imagining a Xbox Live that's more like Steam.

Fylus2418d ago

The purpose of a console is to not have to wait 3-6 hours to play your game. All digital would be a mistake.

cervantes992418d ago

3-6 hours :)

It's more like 3-6 days for me - still trying to download ME3 from PSN!

Downloading from PSN is an exercise in patience (7pm - 11pm mainly) - Xbox Live is not bad at all. Sony needs to add more servers or quit throttling my downloads!!!

Fylus2418d ago

Im with you there. I wasted 60 dollars on the digital version of ME3 because it refuses to download. I try to redownload it every day and it just freezes up or gets an error code during installation and it's driving me crazy!

...I wanna play it so bad... :(

BattleTorn2418d ago

Downloading from the PSN, compared to Xbox Live is like Night-to-Day.

Fylus2418d ago

In case my disagree'er thought I'm hating on Sony, that isn't the case. I mean, the only console I own is a PS3. Is it illegal for me to say something slightly negative about the PlayStation Network if I just so happen to actually be having a serious issue downloading a game? So I apologize, but I don't understand the disagree I got.

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MrBeatdown2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

If this is the way MS is going, I might as well skip the next Xbox and hope that Steam Box comes to fruition, mainly because Steam knows how to put on a good sale, and they have a massive established library.

There is no way I'm going the digital download route unless pricing blows the hard copy price right out of the water. I doubt the same company that has issues with developers releasing content for free and charges for online play is a company that's going to offer compelling price points, especially in comparison to all the deals you can get on disc-based games these days.

But going digital download only seems far too stupid for anyone to attempt. Not only would it limit the market Microsoft would have, but stores, especially GameStop, would have far less incentive to push it over competing consoles.

Plus, marketing your console as a great media center doesn't work so well when you can't play DVDs, Blu-Rays, or any disc-based Xbox games, and all your media services are locked behind a subscription.

Valve could get away with a Steam Box since it would do nothing but grow their business. The complete opposite is true for Microsoft.

Whore_Mouth2418d ago

I'm copy pasta from a similar story I commented on for a third time.

"If Xbox were to go all digital, two things will be expected to happen.

1) Sony, Nintendo, and any speculated console (sans Valve's rumored "Steam Box") would dominate the market by continuing to offer the hard copies of games. I predict that these companies would be given the edge in a market that may not be ready for such a shift in how we obtain our products.

2) Microsoft could be expecting to see the price in game manufacturing increase, as is the norm in console iterations. MS could be deciding that by offering a digital copy over a hard copy that they can keep the price down in their favor. Given that by the continuing pattern of inflation, we would be looking at games starting at $75-$85 per disc. This would bring their sales down substantially.

This is also not taking into account that discs cannot hold that much data, by today's standards."

GraveLord2418d ago

Does it need a disc drive? NO.

However it does need physical media. Blu-Ray or Cartridges or it will fail.

BitbyDeath2418d ago

It'll be fine as long as it wants the sales of the PSP-GO.
I don't think any company will be dumb enough to do that again.

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