Gamekult review: Mass Effect 3

Even though explorers are sure to be shocked by the contrast between the supposedly infinite space and the game's corridors, it's hard no to acknowledge the effciency of the cocktail offered by Bioware. With its well oiled combat system, its tight pacing, its appropriate dramatic crescendo, as well as further exploration of the game's mythology and attention for its characters,the game is engrossing.

For fans of the original Mass Effect, those who wanted to see the series go back to its RPG roots, their impressions of Mass Effect 3 will likely remain circonspect.
But if you take the game as as a high spectacle action RPG, the game does deliver.
The Canadian studio has done its job and, after a lackluster second game, closes its galactic adventure by pulling all the stops.

PROS: Interactions between characters, compelling narrative, evolutive gameworld according to our choices, intense and spectacular, efficient fighting system, quality art direction.

CONS: The series has abandonned its explorable world, repetituve combat gets old after a while, some melodramatic cliches.

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