Video gaming business sees biggest week in history/ DS Sells 2 million

The week ending 22nd December 2007 saw the greatest sales the video gaming business ever achieved in history. According to the data collected by more than 5.4 million gaming systems and 21.6 million software units have been sold during the last week of the Christmas shopping season.

The sales leader was the Nintendo DS with more than 2.0 million units sold, breaking the PS2´s all time record of 1.7 million units in seven days.

Wii took the number two spot, selling in excess of 1.4 million units – outselling Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 combined.

The Playstation Portable continues to sell well with more than 725,000 units worldwide. On the other hand software sales for Sony's handheld continue to disappoint considering the big user base – only 880,000 software units were sold last week, a weekly attach rate of less than 1.3 games per system.

The HD systems sold head to head with the Xbox 360 having the edge in the US and the Playstation 3 outselling its competitor by a great margin in Japan (although selling at a disappointing slow rate of less than 60,000 units in the biggest week of 2007) and to a lesser extend in Europe.

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blu3print4042d ago

With people being able to install their own firmware on all PSPs now it's guaranteed that software sales would be low.

wiizy4042d ago

wii laughing straight to the bank..hahahhahahha.. fanboys dont understand that innovation beat upgrades....look what the ds is doing to the psp.. but they are too crazy to let it sink in... the wii will have the most variety and interesting games next year. ..and sales will be even more lopsided..then you'll eventually get it.

The Brave 14042d ago

Wii is a piece of crap.Its a disgrace to us real gamers.

unsunghero284042d ago

Well, Nintendo is waay in the lead. How about that.

I will say that, although I do have a Wii, as someone who finally got his own PS3 80GB during the holiday season sales have really stopped mattering so much. I probably AM rooting for Nintendo a bit, truth be told, but at this point I don't care how many PS3's or Wii's are sold because I already have them.

Right now I would be much more interested in Brawl news, or maybe the release of PS Home or the LBP beta. (Either of those would make a SLAMMIN' new year's surprise.)

ukilnme4042d ago

My family owns all three of the current consoles. We enjoy playing the Wii far more than the 360 and PS3.

I just hope that the Nintendo Fans show way more class than the Sony and MS Fanboys.

purin4042d ago

nintendo fans in general have been a lot less hostile towards me
...i mean a lot, a loooooooooot less hostile XD
but seriously, i believe that arch-nintendo fans know that nintendo will be around at least another hundred years ;)

wiizy4042d ago

so much for fad.. next year will get worse... and what gimmick.. sony try to copy it and release that garbage lair with the so call sixaxis aND NOW microsoft is planning on copying it too by releasing their own wiimotes... losers.. the original is always the best and sales numbers will keep showing that.

unsunghero284042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

I agree that Nintendo will probably have a good performance in '08. Not because of the hardware (that's a topic I won't let turn into a debate), but because Brawl and MK Wii are coming out next year. But you ignore the PS3's mind-blowing '08 lineup of MGS4, LBP, Home, GT5, Killzone 2, FFXIII, and Haze; any of the above could be a major system seller.

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