Home Media Magazine (12/20/07 - 1/5/08) and Nielsen VideoScan (12/16/07)

The 12/20/07 - 1/5/08 issue of Home Media Magazine is available for viewing at the source link. Page 1 has a panel that looks at the current hi-def market share and the Blu-ray and HD DVD sales comparison as of 12/16/07. The panel is attached as an image below.

The sales analysis continues on Page 10 with the following articles. The page is also attached as an image below.

• Microsoft Preps HD Emulator (i.e., Xbox 360 emulator tool)
• PS3 Firmware Update Enhances Blu-ray Extras
• High-definition Player Prices Fall
• Study: Prices Continue To Drop on HD Players
• Hi-Def Coming Up: Streeting and Prebooking
• Top 10 Hi-Def Sellers, Week Ended 12/16/07
• Top 10 Hi-Def Sellers, Aggregate by Title, Week Ended 12/16/07
• Top 5 Blu-ray Discs, Week Ended 12/16/07
• Top 5 HD DVD, Week Ended 12/16/07
• Hi-Def Briefs

Hi-def sales numbers are provided by Nielsen VideoScan First Alert. All articles by Chris Tribbey. Additional brief by John Latchem

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socomnick4043d ago

Why do you guys approve all the Hddvd blueray crap its n4g not n4videophiles. This isn't the Avs forum stop posting all this crap already.

TANOD4042d ago

It is not crap . It means Blu Ray has almost won the war and Christmas sales in NA

Lord Anubis4043d ago

Darn it, I wasn't here in time to approve this one. Well there's always the next month's.

Btw blu-ray continues to dominate.

Shaka2K64043d ago

And red continues to shrink more and more.

PirateThom4043d ago

Notice, even with the highest selling HD Disc, HD-DVD is still way behind in overall sales.

ironwolf4043d ago

Pirates sold about 65% of what Bourne sold for that week.

PirateThom4043d ago

I did... that's what I mean...

The Bourne Ultimatum was the highest seller and even with that, Blu-ray sales were still high enouh that it didn't even matter.

xplosneer4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

It has to be over 62% or the year to date and total will decline. FINSIH THE HDDVD SO WE CAN HAVE ALL OUR MOVIES ON ONE FORMAT. THANK YOU.
(Note I prefer BluRay because I have a PS3 but if HDDVD won I couldn't care less. Somebody win already)

It's also funny to see Casino Royale up there with 15% of Bourne's sales.

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