Xbox 360 4GB Console $129.99 At Various Canadian Retailers

Although the Xbox 360 4GB Console was cut down to $99 on Boxing Day, anyone who missed out on that great price can now pick one up in Canada for $129.99.

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chasegarcia2416d ago

Price drop incoming? Something is fishy.

TrendyGamers2416d ago

Probably not until E3 but you never know.

guitarded772416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

They need to just ditch the 4gb model and offer a 250gb at that price. The 4gb hard drive is useless.

Disagrees already... tell me what advantage you have with a 4gb hard drive? So you're against having space to store your games, saves, music, etc? You'd rather pay an extra $100 for the 250gb drive which could be included?

darthv722416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

then again think of where the humble core/arcade came from. NO storage at all what so ever. Then they outfitted it with internal 512mb for gamertags and system updates. Having 4gb now is a huge step up from what it had.

Hell, I still have my original 20gb hdd (though not in use) and if I were to get a 4gb 360, that 20gb would be able to work in that as well. Though im sure i would take the 120gb I have now and put it in instead. Then retire my 12/05 pro system the way it deserves. With all the original parts back in the original box for safe keeping.

edit: so long as it is an official MS 360 hdd, the capacity does not matter. The slims can use the sizes that were officially released to the 360 from the 20, 60, 120 and 250.

As for the 20, 60 and 120 the problem there is the lack of the physical caddy that surrounds the drive. It can be used bare but there is a company that sells just the shells for the drive so it fits the internal design of the new slim.

TrendyGamers2416d ago

Your HDD won't work in the new Xbox 360, the HDD sizes are different. You'd have to transfer the memory to the 250GB HDD if you get a new Xbox 360.

TrendyGamers2416d ago

It's a great replacement console if yours breaks, or if you want a second one in your house and will just swap HDD's, or if you're a family and don't want any of the extra space.

jetlian2416d ago

you can use usb and the 360 can read for music and video 32gb. I think if its game related its locked at 16 gb.

But I know 32 on videos is fact

morkendo232416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

U would think MS had this up their sleeve around E3...... wondering what surprise will they use then?? E3 going to be FULL!! of unknown surprises from MS.

kma2k2416d ago

I picked up the 4gb model last june & its still under waranty but hell for that price if it was in usa i would pick up another one for another room, thats damn cheap!

BattleTorn2416d ago

Durango.......... is coming!