OP: Why the iPad Will Never Conquer the Hardcore Audience

Anthony Accinelli of StrengthGamer writes, "With the Playstation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and the Apple "new iPad" now on store shelves, fanboys (and girls) across the interwebs have stopped at nothing to compare the three. So much in fact that the majority of my Twitter feed comprises of headlines such as "Will the new iPad beat the Vita?", and "New iPad is more Powerful than the Nintendo 3DS"."

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AvidGamerrrr2413d ago

couldn't agree more. I am so tired of these comparisons.

jujubee882413d ago

I will invariably choose the PS VITA over any other "on the go" entertainment device, regardless of the scenario.

Now, before anyone does that that "gut reaction disagreeing", I am NO "fanboy".

The PS VITA just carries on from what I liked about the PSP, replaces everything I might want from a tablet and has everything I would want from a gaming console.

2413d ago
Wintersun6162413d ago

Because tablets and phones are lacking in controls and games compared to dedicated handhelds and no matter how much more powerful they become, they won't still compare to 3DS or Vita.

TextualBeef2413d ago

I see it's become a trend as of late..
Tons of articles about one thing from different sites that make 150 people comment on them and laugh at how stupid they are, and then a couple of days/hours later, a site that says it's wrong and gets even more hits. Good job N4G.

jujubee882413d ago

...Run by the public, monitored by cloaked assailants.

Okay, I am over-hyping this site. The majority of people on this are child and childmen. xD

Also, waffles.

Oschino19072413d ago

Waffle fries???

If so count me in.

kma2k2413d ago

Never is a very long time!